[suggestion feedback] by popular demand of firefloor

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should this be a thing?

Yes! 16 vote(s) 84.2%
No! 3 vote(s) 15.8%
  1. EDIT: if you vote no Please leave a reply as to Why

    By popular demand of the players at mooples saturday night firefloor......

    this would be given for winning 3 total rounds at MoreMoople's Firefloor (or similar)

    Note: someone at last nights firefloor originally said this should be a thing but i cant remember who!
  2. "just done burn your toes"?

    What has happened to proof reading and good English these days?

    Yes, I know. The Internet happened. :(
  3. i was more focused on getting the colors right lol
    in my defense this is quite a funny typo
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  4. yeah i thought about adding the ' but i decided not too
  5. *to. :cool:
  6. A new promo idea? I'm on-board, even though I'll never win Firefloor~ ^^
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  7. apparently i just can't win with grammar today
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  8. +9001 for suggestion
  9. +1

    motion for suggestion carries. Approved by mass player agreement.
    Now. Who makes the darn thing?!
  10. Seems fun!
    Ah, good point, I forgot moderators can't create such items.
  11. if whoever voted no see's this id be interested to know why
  12. Like it.. but shouldnt this be in suggestpromo...
  13. Already submitted that, it says on the form your welcome to post a feedback aswell :)
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