[Suggestion] Extra enchants.

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  1. My suggestion is not the idea of having new types of enchantments, but the ability to add current enchantments to other types of tools. For example; I want to add be able to add the "Fortune" enchantment to my fishing rod in order to get more fish, or to a diamond hoe (I'm aware that those are a flat-out waste of good diamonds) to get more crops if I break my crops with it during a manual harvest. A final example would be able to add "Looting" to god bows.
  2. That is more of a Minecraft suggestion, not for EMC.
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  3. Plugin
  4. It asks for tweaking of a vanilla game mechanic.
    It would be like asking for shovels to shoot arrows.
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  5. yes as its a mod u can get not even sure if i legal on EMC
  6. I think the EMC Suggestion thing said no Plugin Suggestions?
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  7. probably did but oh well just means this thread will die soon if its true!
  8. Shovels shooting arrows is very different than a war hammer that lights stuff on fire, or a bow that gets extra drops.
  9. They both go beyond the normal vanilla experience. It just strikes me as something that would be added by Mojang and not EMC.
  10. Than why didn't vanilla have to change for economy or the 60k enchants celebration?
  11. Guys, this Thread is finished. You can not suggest Plugins!
  12. Howcome you can get on creative and put looting on a bow or fire aspect on a stick?
  13. Because it's creative, go figure.
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  14. It's unmodded. diamond can fly in utopia town, it seems we've already brought creative into emc
  15. One creative aspect doesn't mean we have brought creative into EMC, It's a handy perk that some like and some dislike, but no doubt it encourages people to get Diamond supporter.
  16. Off topic but have you ever seen knockback 1000? Best thing ever with pvp..
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  17. I've used KB 500 in pvp... one of the reasons I'm fighting for this
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  18. By that they mean, you can't ask " install this plungin xy please!!!" but you can suggest special extras/features, like this more enchants. You need for nearly each suggestion posted in this forum a New plugin or to modify an old.
  19. oh sorry, I must have missed that announcement that creative is in EMC
    For Knockback 500 and PvP?
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