[suggestion] Ender dragon drops elytra

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Do you guys like this idea?

Yes, its a great addition! 3 vote(s) 30.0%
No, i feel like this is not the best addition. 5 vote(s) 50.0%
Other, Im going to leave a response with my thoughts. 2 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. Suggestion: Ender dragon drops elytra

    So I was sit here thinking with the 1.9 emc update so close, I want a elytra. Then I was also thinking how am I gonna get an elytra, all the "end cities" are most likely all raided and it going to be hard getting one. Xisumavoid uploaded a way to drop elytra from an ender dragon as they were having trouble on the hermit craft server, which doesn't have many players. On emc if I were to get a elytra id have to become superman without an elytra and travel 10000+/- or so blocks, which is impossible, but if the ender dragon dropped elytra it wouldn't be so impossible. It also gives a reason to fight the ender dragon multiple times.

    - easy to get elytra
    - makes it not impossible to get elytra
    - makes the ender dragon more important
    - may cause influctions to the economy (in my opinion it'll stable out)

    What do you guys think? use the poll and or reply to this tread thoughts
    (I'm not the best writer in the world so excuse mistakes)
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  2. I was thinking about suggesting tthis some time ago but decided not to, I will tell you why:
    • The Elytra is meant to be somewhat rare. From what I heard there are well enough end cities for each player to earn one. That doesnt mean those of us on Monday morning first thing wont have dibs and get them much easier than those who have jobs or school (yes some jobs and schools run on Memorial Day).
    • Mending books will be easy to come by in the coming days. In my SP test world, I got mending on a 4% chance with a librarian. So you wont lose your elytra if careful (eventually price will level out).
    However, I wouldnt mind this happening if it did.
  3. I think it should be voters gear
  4. I gotta say -1. Being able to fly anywhere is a very powerful tool, and should require a semi-large amount of effort to achieve.
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  5. The ender dragon already drops its head, so I think that its fine for right now. Dropping elytra would be extremely OP. -1
  6. in 1.9 ender dragon is summon able by placing the ender crystals on the portal in a specific way.
    so basically Ur farming elytras.
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  7. Firstly, in my opinion is way more fun to go to an end city ship, than to defeat the ender dragon and make it a farm.... So i think it would be best to leave it how mojang meant it to be, via searching
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  8. I agree with this post, but I was wondering: what is Memorial Day? It's not 11 September, right?
  9. September 11 is 9/11 (the day Terrorists attacked the World Trade Center in New York City, year 2001).

    Memorial Day is a federal holiday to remember those who have died in the United States Armed Forces. (edit: It is on May 30th)
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  10. Ah, okay. Thanks! The United States Armed Forces, that's probably why it's well-known on EMC but I didn't know what it was :) I'll try to remember for next year!
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  11. As always with thought out suggestions I like what you're saying, but unfortunately I don't fully agree with it..

    I've been here myself you know. 1.8 came out, we got those cool Ocean Monuments and the same thing applied. How was I going to ever get one? Heck, I discovered one close to shore once and when I got back several players were already busy raiding and looting it ;)


    Wait for the next waste reset. Or the one after that.

    I more or less forgot about the ocean monuments all together when all of a sudden I remembered! So we mounted up, headed out and for sure: found one on (I think): SMP4, completely untouched. OURS! :) Pictures or it didn't happen, eh? ;)

    Of course this is assuming that we'll get an End wastelands (which I think is kind of certain, but... who knows..).

    However, I do agree that it would fit the Empire if the dragon would drop more than just XP orbs. But personally I'd favor an EMC special item over an Elytra.
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  12. End Wastes was already confirmed. Aikar "teased" it in a picture on one of his update posts somewhere...

    But, maybe each time you kill the dragon it gives some dragon stone fragments.. seems more logical.
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