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  1. With the introduced Empires coming to the Empire this century, I think that it would be a nice fit to add an Empires page. It would narrow down the number of people making threads about their groups.

    The Empire's I am talking about is quite similar to ROBLOX's Groups. I guess I will start out on the layout.

    The "Empires" would have a nice little place next to Members or something. When you click it, the empires would show up in layers like so.

    PICTURE The Empire Failures <-(Group name)
    PICTURE We plan to fail at being an Empire! <-(Description)
    PICTURE (More Description space)
    Ranks (You must be at least 100 days old to make a clan)
    New Member (<=100)= Cannot create Empire, only join.
    Older Member (>=100)= Can create Empire. Can only have 3 ranks in the Empire. Can only be in 3 Empires
    Iron=Can have up to 5 ranks in the Empire if over 100 Can only be in 10 Empires
    Gold= Can have up to 10 ranks in the Empire if over 100 Can only be in 25 Empires
    Diamond= Can have up to 20 ranks in the Empire if over 100 Can only be in 50 Empires

    Some mo' points
    • Empires could clash in the PVP arenas (Leaders set events up)
    • No need to make a thread that constantly needs bumping
    • Can organize clans by: Most Members, Least Members, Alphabetical, Latest Empires, Oldest Empires
    • Can search for Empires
    • Can set to: Anybody can Join, and Invite Only
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  2. Using EMC age as a measure of trustworthiness isn't always accurate. Copherfield, Roblikescake, PThagaard, and 72Volt are some names I need only mention to prove my point.

    Seems like a decent idea though.
  3. I am saying this because we do not have 1,000,000 Empires with nobody in an Empire. I do not care for the trustworthiness, it is about Empires. You would want people to join Empires before making one themselves, and most new people would make an Empire straight away.
  4. It wont be possible to make one the second you join. :)
  5. yuno mention me

    Anyways, this is a great idea
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  6. Sounds like something is being planned..... If so I cant wait.....
  7. This is my vision for mobile
    Group pic:
    Group desc:
    Rank, Leave and Leader/Promoted's Shout:
    Group Discussion:

  8. Did you just use yourself as an example?
  9. Cont. to my post:
    In roblox I know that it costs Bux to create ranks so it should be like that but with rupees. Also this idea might not work because it's kind of like not original.
  10. Mob Arenas are not original, they work well.
    Supportership is not original yet the server is running better than ever thanks to it.
    Flappy Bird remakes. They are pretty popular
  11. Definitely add a rupee fee rather than an age limit. I think about 10k rupees should sound good.

    We wouldn't want the forums cluttered up with thousands of "Empires" now, do we?
  12. Maybe there can be a limit like Vault depending on supporter lvls but you still have to pay the FEE
  13. I only wish to have 1 Empire per person.
  14. This sounds a lot like clash of clans..... :eek:
  15. not really, because your not raiding peoples gold and elixir, but instead, dueling to the death in pvp, as well as other possibilities.
  16. True, but I was referring more to the set up of what is described.
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  17. Coming soon... FlappyEmpire... thats what this thread was about right?
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  18. Lol, yesh it was.
  19. I am not familiar with all but 1 of these names. Please explain who they are.

  20. Copherfield: Person
    72volt: Person
    PThgaard: Person
    Roblikescake: Person
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