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  1. The New EMC Town Suggestion
    Ok guys, I have thought of this new idea and thought I would share it with you guys. I was thinking we could have a new server or a new /v command to get to this. And this new server or new /v command would take you to a town of residences, of the best on EMC. We are talking Castles, Fortresses, models of stuff, and we could combine it into one whole area, where people can admire the amazing EMC builds. I know it wouldnt be a MAJOUR idea, or a very necessary one, but it would be convenient I guess, if you wanted to get some aspiration. And you could have like 10 new builds every month or something. Let me know what you think!
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  2. Well, that would be very awkward if all of famous people's reses are picked... good idea if the community could decide the reses.
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  3. Thats a good idea, we can have like the communities 10 reses of the week choice or something
  4. or, just have a monthly "res pick" that would pick a random res and showcase it.
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  5. The only reason I could see for this being vetoed is because, in essentiality, playing favorites.
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  7. Eclipsys did this.
  8. Did what?
  9. Making a single player map with all awesome and submitted resses in it. I have no idea where it is now, lol.
  10. Terrible idea.
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  11. Well in my opinion, mostly the shops would get noticed for their creativity and design. Not many normal res's.
  12. No, it takes the fun out of running around the servers and stumbling upon a well built res.
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  13. What about those people who have a crappy residence and think it's good, and become disappointed when they see that their residence isn't there?
    *Cough* Look at 2134 *Cough*
  14. I worked hard on my dirt shack D;
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  15. I dislike this idea, and favor instead a museum. All residences, before deletion or reset, are archived in the museum. I believe that I have brought this idea up elsewhere.
  16. Explain?
  17. It would be very competitive for a "top residences" world. I can guarantee it.
    I was pretty unhappy that 4 months of planning, working, and the resetting of 6 different residences (bluebl1, camdenmil, ShawnZup, pilotcat, SWATAHOLIC, and pikminboy111) was completely pointless, because our biospheres didn't get success in the competition they were planned for.
  18. Basically, a "snapshot" of each residence would be taken. It would be akin to the WayBack Machine (the Internet Archive?).
    For example, each of the remaining biospheres on smp1 would be "archived." Then, we could perhaps pay to have another snapshot taken....
  19. I wasn't saying names and haven't seen your residence.