[SUGGESTION] EMC Knighthoods

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  1. I was just thinking, there are so many EMC members and so many players that do great on the servers so I was thinking how could this be shown and I thought, how about and EMC knighthood and give them a "trusted" status or something. Maybe give them a blue name or something to show that they're role model EMC players and can be trusted to follow the rules and tell the truth.
    Just a thought :D
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  2. Would this apply to non-supporters only? kind of like how there are well-known members on the forums, but if you are a supporter, that overrides it?
  3. It could apply to non-supporters only, and as you said, supportership would override it, kind of of like a step up from "Well-known member"
  4. But what use would this feature serve to these "trusted" members.
  5. Or this could apply to members who have all 118 trophie points.
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  6. It would just be kind of an honor to have I guess, like, something to show that you've stood out from other players to do good in the community
  7. And people know that you're trusted, so they can trust you :p (You don't say)
  8. hmm?
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  9. not all trustworthy members have 118 trophy points. Just saying
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  10. I do like the idea, however as with most suggestions I do see some problems with it. How do you define trusted? Will it be given to lots of players or just a couple? I can see this causing arguments like "You're trusted and i'm not! I do a lot more for the community than you do blah blah".

    How will you be recognized as trusted? There could be a player that is always helping in game but doesn't use the forums so they don't get recognized and last but not least, people will abuse this power by doing things like "I'm trusted, you should listen to me" when they could be in fact wrong or "Give me that, I'm trusted".

    Sorry for picking everything out but these are possibilities, however I do actually like the idea, it would just have to be tweaked as suited. :)
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  11. Then, how would they be able to get that title anyways? If such a thing happens we could always tell a mod. Or they could come up with a report system. If the person abuses his title, people can just do like /report [title] [name] [reason] and if the trusted member gets 3 or more reports, his title would be removed.
  12. I don't mind that stuff being picked out. It would be given to people who are seen as helpful and active members of the community. If a mod or any staff member see's someone doing good on a daily basis, and feel that they're worthy of their trust, they could recommend them to be seen as trusted. If it was implemented, it would be known that they aren't "better" than anyone else and don't deserve better treatment. It would serve almost as a MC resume to say that "If a mod/staff member can trust him (or her), then so can I. It also might encourage good behavior among members.
    This is just a quick idea I had and might not even be useful. Just thought I'd share.
  13. If a trusted player was accused of wrong doing and found guilty, they would be immediately demoted. 3 offences is way too many.
  14. I dodon't mean 3 offences. I meant 3 player reporting the same person for the same offence in the same period of time. It's just a precaution in case the person gets framed.
  15. Ahh, I get you
  16. I think this is a great idea, new members could join and not be the odd 1 out
  17. Yes, as long as they showed dedication and loyalty to the server.
    As I said, this isn't really a high priority task, but maybe an interesting new feature.
  18. i kinda like this idea, i think some tweaking needs to be thought of on how to appropriately choose these "trusted members" though. otherwise its going to turn into a popularity contest rather than an upstanding citizen one. that contest that alex threw seems like a good place to start
  19. well the idea is based around giving credit and acknowledgement to those who deserve it and reward good behavior.
  20. This is sort of a long term and larger version of Alex's special member votey thingy.

    I sort of like this idea, but, it would be a bit complex to organise and work out who gets this.
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