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  1. Well, after spending 4 hours alone on SMP2 (because I'm in Australia) I decided to look at some possibilities for EMC advertisements that will target a few different groups of people. Of course, these are only suggestions that the staff can take on board if they wish. :) Just remember that I have absolutely no idea how much supporters bring in for publicity so this is pretty much me just thinking out-loud. Feel free to contribute, I'll add it in.

    EMC is no stranger to sponsorships of other sites and services :)
    I am also aware that special EMC fund is going to be used for some cool ads soon, unless that changed ;)

    The Shaft Podcast
    Sponsor @ http://goo.gl/Uq1oO - a weekly Minecraft podcast, I listen to it and it's really quite good. A great audience (of Minecraft players). It's also targeted at all ages. They allow sponsorships. You could either make a business or a server/site deal to sponsor for 1 episode or multiple.

    General YouTube Partner Sponsoring

    It'd be cool if EMC could actually sponsor small-medium Minecraft YouTubers to be featured in their videos/video descriptions. "Brought to you by Empire Minecraft! - lalalalalalatexthere"

    Minestatus Server Banner Bidding
    Link @ http://goo.gl/Yglod - I've suggested this individual thing before, so I'll make it short. Each month Minestatus.net allows servers to bid for an ad on the top of their site. Pretty cool, eh? In fact; the bidding is open right now;


    Original contest @ http://goo.gl/kNxgR - Months ago (before he got super-busy) Justin held a contest. Basically it encouraged people to refer friends, advertise on forums with banners, ect. There was a leaderboard and at the end of the month, the person with the most referrals wins a diamond supporter-ship! He-who-shall-not-be-named won it, but that's not the point. It was a great idea on Justin's part.

    Adding DP to OfficialEMC YT channel.

    How YOU can help!

    Change your signature on forums to advertise and link EMC - you can click the little paperclip button on your signature editor in most cases, then type in your referal link which you can get here. But don't spam! Only contribute with useful posts, that gives people that true spirit behind EMC. :) Don't make posts about EMC - just put the link in your signature!

    You can like/share our Facebook page http://goo.gl/rDnkn also, as Maxarias suggested. Click here for a guide that shares the knowledge behind spreading EMC http://empireminecraft.com/threads/guide-how-to-spread-emc.15690/.

    And as per usual, vote for EMC for up to 700r/day! :D

    Remember, EMC is not just about being popular but right now, more players would be amazing. And dragon tombs! Now, we don't want anyone to miss out on that, do we. :)

    What do you think would be cool?
  2. Love it!
  3. Yay :)
  4. I think it's awesome! Great ideas Alex! :)
  5. Good idea AC :)

    Edit* I miss the days when it was 60/60 on smp2 and i went supporter casue i had to haha :)
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  6. Mhmm and thank you :)

    Remember everyone, you can always help!
  7. Wonderful! *In diva voice*

    I love socks. I would wear some EMC socks.

    But seriously I have to agree with everyone, Alex :)
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  9. Thank you :)

    I'd be interested to see, does anyone have any other suggestions for places/sites/tools to advertise?
  10. I've had a Signature on the Minecraft forums for several months now, It's got over 11,000 views

  11. Gosh, I wish everyone did that, we'd have so many more members. But nice job :)
  12. Maybe I should sign up to Minecraft Forums.....

    Wonder how long it will take. Mwhahahahaha!
  13. I have a feeling you and the No spam filter won't get along.
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  14. Might not bother then :(

    Oh and I like the idea!

  15. Nuu, we don't want to be known as the "spammer server" :p Just join and post when you have something intelligent to say :)
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  17. You. You get a like.
  18. Also, great to see the servers pretty packed now :)
  19. Last night me and Dwight parked pretty hard. There were 4 of us. Including me ad Dwight. And I think the other two were afk.
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