[Suggestion] Elytra Flying Minigame!

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  1. So I got this idea when flying around with my elytra and it reminded me of Superman 64. ( I know its a bad game but in minecraft it will be better!) So basically if you haven't played superman 64 you basically just fly through rings and get points, and I thought it would be cool to have this as a staff held event! There would be a course set up with small rings or holes in walls and you have to fly through them, and your goal is to get to the finish the fastest, while not missing any rings. Let me know what you guys think I thought this could be pretty fun if made right so feel free to leave comments!
  2. What about people like me that don't have elytra? Huh?
  3. Staff could hand them out maybe? Or wait till voters elytra :D
  4. Funny you suggest this, I'm actually building an elytra course just like this. You get scored out of whether you get through the rings/loops or not and there is also a redstone timer. Both contribute to your final score. If you want to come and see it just come out to /v 16999 but until finished, glide flag will be off :)
  5. Awesome! Do you need any funds or supplies? I'd be happy to help build as well! :D
  6. You never know, maybe it will become a thing when the games server comes out :p
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  7. I'll take you up on your offer of help :p

    There's still a little bit of redstone to be done but the main part is making everything full-proof and working on the aesthetics on the build. I'm on right now if you want to pop over and work on it with me :)
  8. Not a redstoner sorry, but I will see what I can do :)
  9. Ij ust noticed about this thread, but I am at the moment planning to build something like this, everything still has to be designed, but here is one previeuw :) if this will be build, it will probebly be build at the residences 750, and about 8 res's next to it, but, it "might" take over a year to build it :p (if you want to help, please :p)

    (the designing is far from done, it is still a few blocks under build limit (I want to have some kind of needle on top of it) and I'ave only made one "parcours" around it)

    I'm only still haveing a few problems, mostly that it is OR way to hard OR as easy that you can compleat one in about four times, the other problem is that they can't be long, since it is only hard with sharp corners, fast drops etc. but that single one I did design does work quite good, it took Tom about half an hour to compleat it (I'm working on a project with tom, and this will maby be one part of that project)
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  10. This is an idea in progress, specifically for when I can control people trying to run off with them. I.e. Games server.

    Though we may run a few test rounds before that point.
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