[Suggestion] Easter Bunny Promo

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  1. Considering it's almost Easter..
    I came up with an idea of an Easter bunny promo. It could be a shiny rabbit spawn egg renamed as 'Easter Bunny'. (like the christmas horses and the cupid)

    I think we're all bored of the magical egg wands.. And a bunny promo would be awesome. :p
  2. Indeed +1
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  3. Sounds cool +1
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  4. Similar to the Blizz Ard (but one that would actually do damage), I'd love to see a Mr. Fuzzy as the Killer Rabbit spawn.

    It would be great if it would drop this promo.
  5. oh yes... no more wands :p
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  6. How about the rabbit drops an egg that has some type of candy?
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  7. +1
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  8. although the wand is good, i think maybe we should skip a year of it? to spice things up a tad
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  9. just a bump for a good idea
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  10. +1
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  11. I like the idea, having something new would definitely be a nice change.


    Although we might have seen a bit too much there are always new players who haven't ;) So I'm hoping that they might be able to make it a double choice. The choice between a wand and something new like your idea; that way there would be something new for everybody.
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  12. I think it's nice to repeat promos that are actually useful such and the magical egg wand and the labour bench as new players can't afford to purchase the old promo.

    This bunny egg idea is literally just a item to hoard.. Even Aikar himself said he does not agree with that aspect. At the end of the day this is just my opinion.
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  13. Maybe change Minibosses and enraged mobs to Easter incarnations, still with the wand?
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  14. +1
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  15. or as a compromise, do the wand promo, and have a special killer bunny boss that can drop other prizes including the wand
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  17. Or it could be something like the cupid bundle, containing both the items.
  18. +1
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  19. An Easter Bundle... I like the sound of that. The wand and the promo bunny egg. The bundle will obviously need to include a dozen or so Easter egg candies that give you extra jump and speed abilities...
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