[Suggestion]Don't require Silk Touch for Enderchests

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  1. Hey y'all!

    I think the title is pretty self-explanatory. I generally never use silk touch on a pickaxe since it's not particularly useful unless I'm gathering decoration blocks, so i find it very annoying to have to carry an extra pickaxe taking up an extra inventor slot just so I can pick up my enderchest without it falling into little obsidian pieces. So, IMHO enderchests need to either be able to be picked up with a regular pickaxe, or perhaps one could be picked up by shift-left-clicking on it.

    Just my 2 cents. Anyone agree?
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  2. Well this is a vanilla minecraft mechanic, so I've got used to it by now. True it can be annoying, but that's just how it is. It's really not hard to just bring a silk pickaxe :p
  3. -1 EMC needs to be conpletely Vanilla Minecraft other than its minor additions regarding promos. Sorry
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  4. We aren't vanilla =P We are french vanilla which means mostly vanilla but some tweaks
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  5. Taking away the requirement of silk touch to break an enderchest would make EMC become even less Vanilla and EMC wants to stay as close to Vanilla Minecraft as it can.
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  6. Fair enough but if we become too vanilla we might turn into a clone server D:
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  9. Well, most of those features are to reduce lag, glitches, and such.

    Only a few of them are changes that don't improve lag, glitches, etc, but only change gameplay mechanics.
  10. This became really off topic when you think about how the guy started it lol. But yeah, I guess I'm beat :p
  11. I think we stopped being 'French vanilla' a long time ago... around the time enraged mobs and such were added.
  12. -1

    I kinda enjoy this feature.
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  13. We're like.. Vanilla with chocolate swirls? :p

    Anyways, I am a +0
    I am good either way with this idea.
  14. I don't see why we shouldn't add it. I mean it only really helps the players, yes it Aikar has to spend time coding it but i don't see why anyone would throw a sulk if it was added. I mean people don't want to spend 600r for a silk pick just so they can pick up an enderchest =P
  15. EMC is nowhere close to vanilla. That ship has sailed a LONG time ago.

    As for the suggestion: -1

    It's a vanilla feature, and I don't believe it should be changed.
  16. Sorry. -1. Vanilla standard Id like to keep.
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  17. -1, I can see how it would make your life just that little bit easier but it defeats the object of how the mechanics normally work. I say we keep it the same.
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  18. *cough* Different commands, mobs, programming and items *cough*
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