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  1. We've all seen them, donation dirt chests, and many of us have clicked them. However, what if you don't want that dirt and are like, "Yo I really like dis res and all, but since dis person haz a dirt donat sign, i wont dunate 2 dem bcuz i dunt wunt dat durt." Well I thought of a Solution to this.

    So Basically what the sign would do is, you place a sign, and on it you type (Using one for me as an example)

    D 2000000000
    Res progress

    So basically its a shop sign, but instead of the item, it says donation, instead of B, or S, it is D (also for donation) and the last line is a description of what the money would be going towards, and possibly, that reason could show in the rupee history, like: DONATED 20000000r to Darksuperlord for Res progress.

    I know its a solution to an uncommon problem, but I think that this is something that would have a positive impact.
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  2. I actually agree, I think the current system of doing Dirt-donation looks unprofessional :)
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  3. Maybe this could be implemented. however, we use a modified version of ChestShop (EMC custom) so... Maybe. :p
    I like this idea, but, it could also have other uses like say I 'donated' 20 r at a shop sign to play a game, redstone signal to open a door? :p
  4. Good Idea 1 Like more popular.
  5. Alright possible. Leave one dirt in a chest and a dropper facing the chest underneath it (so its facing up). Put a comparator out the back and then have the comparator facing any block. On the side of the block attach a redstone torch and put a piece of wire there so when the torch is on, the dropper gets triggered. Keep the dropper always full of dirt. Then setup your sign to buy one dirt for the price you want. You can have more wire coming out from the torch so that it's your output. I've tested this and it's the design that I have decided to use for my casino. If you did it all correctly, when someone buys the dirt it'll output a signal on one side and put one more piece of dirt into the chest.
  6. So, paying them the rupees directly is presumably not an option?
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  7. It could be confusing, like in your rupees history you see it and wonder what it's for. It also won't look very good for you when you have a sign saying donations should be sent to xxxxxx lol
  8. I think this is a good idea. Maybe there's a way to give blank blocks (meaning blocks that aren't anything so you would get nothing) a id number. Then just use that id number. This way you wouldn't get the dirt and you wouldn't have to do too many modifications in coding (or so I believe. I'm not experienced with coding).
  9. It still wouldn't really look right on a sign. This way it looks professional :)
  10. I was talking to bite a couple days ago and it didnt work

    And the suggestions with all the blocks, that just takes up too much space, and one of my reasons for this was so that you could A. Have a more professional looking donate sign/rupee history
    B. Save room and chests
  11. Why ever not? It's short, it's simple, it takes up one sign just like the donate sign would, and also, what if you feel like donating some money (for example 1o,000r) and the only donate sign is at 100,000r?
  12. I see what you are saying, but its kinda like if you go to a shop, and want to buy, say a diamond, for 12r, but they only sell it for 50r
  13. I do agree that they should look more professional.
  14. Then you just go to another shop of course, and frankly, the same thing would happen for the donate sign, so you will have lost yourself a donation.
  15. :p I suppose, and while this would work for some people, those who want to donate a specified amount could just pay, or maybe we could add a donation command like /r donate 1234567890 darksuperlord, and the same thing in the rupee history would show up like if you were to use a donate sign
  16. I see your reasoning for just using /r pay to donate. It is kind of like how we use shop signs to sell items. I mean sure, we could sell items by dropping them at somebody's feet when they give us rupees but we don't, we use shops for they are more easy to use.. the donation signs, in my opinion, offer a quicker and simpler way.
  17. Arguable, I do that all the time.
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  18. I meant for people who run shops.
  19. Not what I meant...
    Just have a 'donation' sign next to a door, when a player buys, the door opens. Then when a button on the other side is pressed, the door closes. Could also be a pressure plate. So, anyways :rolleyes:

    I think Rainbow brings up a fair point by saying the donator could just pay you directly, but, there is the fact, I can could have a wall of donation signs for one area, not all spread out on the ground. ;3
  20. But once you get to the point I mentioned earlier, where you want to donate a differing amount of rupees to what the sign says, then it gets not so simple. At that point, you can either wait for the owner to make a new sign, or simply leave and perhaps donate elsewhere.
    Now, if this were to get implemented, I would at least suggest more towards the use of a command instead (as mentioned above), so the shop owners still have an easy way of noticing donations whilst the donators have the freedom to donate what they want.