[Suggestion] Delete bed spawn command

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  1. Hey all, I have found myself stuck in the wild lately and taking a while to get back to town because of one reason.

    I have my spawn set on a bed, which someone else is using and I find myself having to make another bed, set my spawn on that one, break the bed I made, and then die just to get back to town. New players may even just break the bed they are currently using, without making another, and then get banned for griefing, because they didn't know.

    My suggestion:
    Make a command to delete your bed spawn

    *Crosses fingers that this already isn't already a command and I don't embarrass myself*

    Arg... forgot to add a poll..
  2. i say you just break the bed and surprise the other player

    just kidding!
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  3. find three sheep and one block of wood make your own bed break it then die, takes less then 5 minutes
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  5. Arg... forgot to add a poll..[/quote]

    Need all threads need polls!
  6. Looks like you've already done it.

  7. This is most likely not going to happen. Breaking the bed (or making a new one, setting spawn point and breaking that one) is the price to pay to use this unintended feature to get back to the main spawn quickly.
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