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  1. Hey guys,

    This is a random suggestion that I just came up with. I think we should be able to buy a command such as /craft for around 10,000r. When you type /craft, you can craft without having the need to find your crafting table. This could be restricted to supporters only. However, I think this would stop a lot of time of walking to a crafting table. I'm not sure whether this should be allowed in town only or wild too.

    Hope you like my suggestion, don't be mean though :)
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  2. -1. We are a survival server and there is no /craft in survival. It is not that hard to walk to a crafting table. You could also use a labor bench which is a crafting table that you just click to open. No placement required.
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  3. -1.

    Once EMC becomes completely EULA compliant, supporters can no longer have access to things non-supporters dont have access to. Now, with the 10,000r thing, this would be complaint because you arent spending real life money for such command.

    Just my 2 cents.
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  4. Labor Bench. *drops mic*
  5. -1 Basically what everyone else has said. Labor Benches are fairly cheap and I believe a new one will come out for Labor Day this year which is kinda close. Other than that, bring a crafting bench with you or chop a tree. It's literally 1 log to craft a workbench. This seems like pure laziness to me.
  6. Nah, buying commands like that for rupees seems a bit "Hm" to me and I really don't think it should be such a hassle. A work or labor bench only takes up one slot in your inventory, plus an axe if you're using the regular crafting table. That shouldn't be too big of a deal.
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  7. -1

    This would take away a huge vanilla aspect of EMC.

    For easy crafting I can advice the Labor Bench from 2014, 2015 or 2016. :cool:
  8. I am going to have to -1 this idea, as said by others you just use a labor bench.
    Also it only takes one wood log to craft a crafting table
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  9. It would be a good idea but supporters spend real $$ so if it did cost ruppees it would be around 65k
  10. I like your thinking, and I really hope that the disagreements won't stop you from making future suggestions.

    But yeah, unfortunately I also don't like the idea. In my opinion it would make things too easy. It wouldn't be the first time when I was mining while my inventory slowly filled up with coal, iron and some gold. Right up to a point where I could really use a crafting table so that I could make coal blocks out of all the coal (which saves inventory space) but... Without wood there's only so much you can do.

    Yet that problem is an important part of the game!

    So now I had to choose: continue mining and then head back, trying to find an abandoned mineshaft or maybe stop mining for now and head back to the outpost anyway. Those dilemma's wouldn't exist with a virtual crafting command, and that would spoil the game a bit I think.
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  11. +0 another solution tho,

    making a special labor bench as a vote item with soulbound would be a fair solution to counter the ''opness'' of /craft and without buying a thing.
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  12. As usual, all my suggestions get a -1
  13. not true cakestertv +1
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  14. I haven't seen all your suggestions but I hope you keep suggesting. Even if we do not use an idea sometimes part of it or the discussion that happens within the suggestion thread lead us to other ideas that do happen.