[Suggestion] Commodities Stock Ticker (avg sell prices)

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  1. It would be an interesting and effective tool to have in game item prices displayed as a varying stock ticker on the forum.

    In game buy/sell shop signs will correlate this information and produce a floating average price for items at a pre-determined interval.
    The (AMAZING) Shopkeeper app seems to handle this information extremely well on an individual basis from in game, real time data.
    Example: Recent market fluctuations of gold would definitely produce some interesting visuals if price history was graphed out on a chart over 6 months.
    This would help advance the EMC market place as potential shop owners would have a definitive pricing guide, rather than relying on a few shops sell signs.
    Yes, we currently have Azoundria's site, but that solely relies on user input. A real time pricing guide would be an amazing asset to the active player base interested in the server economics.
    Player to player transactions:
    This component of trade will not be 100% avoidable recordable, but with little effort these transactions could be tracked assuming the buyer and seller wished they be (by putting bulk product in a sell chest upon purchase).
    Forum auction pricing for promos and other items could be tracked via moderators upon closing, or possibly a division of the Contribution Team tasked with economy based input.
    I bleed PROMOS:
    These item prices will most likely be solely based off user input, but again a dedicated team could be tasked with inputting auction winnings, and p2p transactions into the history. Actual seller/buyer info will not be presented, only the date and purchase value. By creating an easy to reach PM address, I know several senior buyers and sellers who I am positive would enjoy contributing their purchases and sales to help the cause on a regular basis.

    I truly hope to see something like this materialize and would love to provide any support (time, economic knowledge and monetary donation if needed) to a technical team in order to see this through.


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  2. This is a cool idea but somewhat difficult to track. I remember Aikar proposing a system that would accomplish a similar goal in that shops are all tracked in game, but I don't think that is happening now. The best way to do it might be to manually check the biggest shops and their current prices. Most have the special varying price chests so it should eb fairly easy.
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  3. Again, after using Shopkeeper for some time (HUGE probs to shavingfoam), I'm fairly this information wouldn't be hard to manage with little effort.

    As for visiting shops, yes this is always an option, but this is neither efficient nor representative of the fluctuating market on a real time basis.
  4. You would need to go off of rupee logs and rupee logs only, or else it's extremely susceptible to trolling and intentionally throwing in crappy data to mess up the average.
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  5. Agreed, and with little monitoring, these transactions could be eliminated. Over the course of 6 months worth of Quartz purchases, someone spamming 1r transactions for short duration will hardly cause any real time fluctuations anyway.
  6. However if somebody wants to ruin the data and does 10 million rupee quartz transactions with their alt over and over, that will definitely throw the average by a significant amount.
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  7. I bet this would actually be pretty simple to write a program to compile all the rupee data. +1
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  8. The problem would be getting a reliable flow of data that isn't easily tarnishable and gathers a majority sample size.
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  9. You could write into the program to eliminate the outliers: EX. Diamonds under 90r or over 150r.
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  10. What he said.
    Also, providing an algorithm to produce variable outlier values based on a min/max fluctuation from average, actual spikes in data could be produced given consistent entries.
    My thoughts would be that an item "ticker" be selected, IE dirt, and the historical purchase data could be viewed by all. This way any inconsistencies could be removed upon identification (team member) if need be.
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  11. I would love this. It would basically eliminate price checks. Would it be found on the site?

    I am sure this will be added in 4 years or after the major updates are released -- whatever comes first.
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  12. I would hope it would be on the website! With how prominent a feature the economy is to EMC, it would be nice to see this a promoted site feature for all to use.
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  13. +9999
    Because wafflez
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  14. I like stocks
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  15. Bump
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  16. If anyone has any technical input on how this could be achieved, please feel free to drop me a pm. I would like to put together a somewhat operational mock-up if possible to present to the dev team, and hopefully starting next week begin to work with anyone interested to accomplish this.

    If not, well then it'll most definitely be made in Paint.
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  17. Once upon a time in a land far away, the powers that be were not quite up to date on diamond pricing in /shop. In fact, prices in the market were starting to exceed those in /shop. Many moons have passed since that tragic summer day, and further tragedies could be averted in the future with this tool at our disposal. THE END.
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  18. Man, I wish I could have been here for that!
  19. meh i think all that an automated empire wide pricing scheme would do would alienate smaller shops and allow resellers to do more damage to the economy then they already do. at present when there is a dramatic shift only one or two player notice it and usually i can close my shop in time to adjust prices, with this correlated with azounds thing it would be happening all the time on the hour. -1
  20. Valid argument - but wouldn't this be beneficial to the majority? Wouldn't it be nice to know the exact average of an item so you don't pay too much for something? Furthermore, wouldn't this actually deter resellers if shop owners had this tool and adjusted their prices higher so resellers couldn't profit as much?