[Suggestion] Command that puts bought items automatically into player's vault

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  1. Considering a lot of people jump servers to buy materials from other shops that they need on their home SMP/residents on a different SMP, I figured it could save a lot of time if there was a command that could toggle whether bought items instantly go to said player's vault or their inventory.

    If anyone has any suggestions for what the command looks like that would be grand, so far I got /buy vault and /buy inv[entory]
  2. +1

    Maybe something like /buy vault [page], with a warning if there is not enough space.
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  3. Interesting and I like it +1
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  4. Hmm this could be neat, Another thing that would be cool is if you can choose how many vault pages you want to use. +1
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  5. +1 this is a good idea, could save a lot of time :)
  6. Y'all might be getting lazy...

    But seriously, something like this is difficult to achieve because you are talking about the physical movement of items, which is completely different from the current 'just go my inventory' mechanic. It's gonna be a while before devs focus on something like this.
  7. this gave me a good laugh
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  8. this takes all the effort out of smp jumping to buy stuff but still makes it easier espiecally buying by the sc so +1
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  9. -1

    This would save you about 3 seconds of time. This isn't a speed run of who can buy items the quickest, those 3 seconds aren't that important.
  10. Personally, I'm in between on this, there are faster ways to move items into your vault instead of clicking on each item in your inventory for it to go into your vault. I think people are thinking of moving items one at a time to the vault.

    Here's a shortcut for the bulk moving of the same item (this is a Minecraft trick this is not just on EMC):

    What you do is grab any item in your inventory, (your axe, your pick, anything...). With that item following your cursor in game hold down Shift and double-click on the item that you want to bulk move. For example. If the 27 stacks of brick blocks are in your inventory, grabbing an item, holding down shift, then double-click on one of those stacks of brick blocks will move all 27 of those stacks into your vault or chest.

    This also works the other way around: grabbing any item, double-clicking in your vault or chest will move items out of that chest into all the available slots in your inventory.

    There are other tricks about the game I know but I think this one is the most relevant to the topic at hand. shavingfoam taught this trick to me :D
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  11. -1 I agree
  12. Yes indeed...

    But I will have to go -1
    If the developers do implement this, there would be the problem of which vault it goes in. Who wants to toggle which vault there items go int each time? It would just make everything worse. Also, if you are like me with a messy vault, and the toggle command puts it into the first available space, you will have bought stuff everywhere. Just my thought :)