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  1. Hello,

    I am one of those players that love organized and pretty residences. After a long period of time learning to do sign colors I transferred this knowledge to my other signs, [ACCESS], [PREVIEW] and sell signs. I noticed that color doesn't work on these signs and it would be a nice edition. I haven't found this suggestion under already suggested things.

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  2. I think those signs have a specific function and it's best to keep them as they are. They aren't meant to look good, they're meant to serve a specific purpose. Plus, that'd open a whole new way for people to change the color of a shop sign to yellow and have it sell dirt for 100k.
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  3. What do you mean by this? Why would making the color of a sign yellow affect the price of the item dramatically?, I suggested this because it can make a shop more appealing/cheaper or higher in price due to the appearance. Where would you guy a dirt mall or a large/beautiful mall that sell items at the same price?
  4. Yellow is hard to read. Somebody randomly punching signs can click it and not even know it was a shop sign.
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  5. You can't color the words that function, but underneath "preview", "access", and "restrict" (and after any names written), you can add color to the following words.

    For example,

    &a Leaf

    Would give you a functioning preview sign with a light-green "Leaf"


    &b Free Stuff!

    Would give you a functioning all-access sign with a light-blue "Free Stuff!"
  6. Yes I know that but it would be nicer/cooler if the whole thing would be light blue or any color.
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  7. *shrugs* i suppose...
    Though I have to agree with what xHaro said.

    I guess it's fine for any sign that's not a shop sign. Shop signs should remain black/default color. So it's easy to read and easy to distinguish from other types of signs.
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  8. Color on shop signs is already a planned feature and will be coming soon (I hope, but real life has been killing me lately)
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  9. Can't wait for this update :D
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  10. I think Socks means set colors for everything (color 1 for quantity, color 2 for buy, color 3 for sell, etc), not custom colors.
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