[Suggestion] Cleaner "Has disconnected/joined" messages for chat

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  1. I still prefer having my join/leave messages in the chat. The action bar is clogged at this point that I just don't notice anymore when anything pops up for the short time that it does.

    My suggestion is to shorten this to "[Playername] has [joined/disconnected]. Now, some of you like reading the last time that people are seen. That component would fit very nicely, for when you hover your mouse over the notification in the chat.

    Not a high priority, just something to de-clutter for those who still like using the chat for notifications.
  2. So much yes. Maybe a Simplicity option for people who have been here 100+ days
    • [Simplify Connect/Disconnect] On/Off
      • Playername has connected
      • Playername has disconnected
        • Maybe hover over the player's name to display the last time he was seen?
    • [Simplify Join Broadcast] On/Off
      • Welcome to Empire Minecraft - SMP7, Playername!

        Enjoy your 100r sign-in bonus!
        [Hover for voting information] | [Click for voting rewards]
        Support the Empire: http://supporter.emc.gs
      • I just shortened 12 into 5.
  3. This is basically my idea, but having it be toggle-able. Which is even better than my idea, haha

    That's a good extension idea! There is so much going on when you log in. It's like someone throwing a boulder of text at you right now. That's a good suggestion ;)

    Bump. Any other opinions?
  4. +1

    I like it :)
  5. I like it, but it should be toggable. I like seeing the times people were last seen ago, so it would suck a lot if I'd have to hover over everyone's name to see it...
  6. I like Sky's idea
  7. The extra voting information is still important, even to those 100+ because it shows the last time a vote counted and some players 100+ still need that info. This isn't really something that NEEDS to be made into a /ps setting, especially when that setting is crowded enough as is.

    I can agree with some shortening, but some important info needs to be shown. An idea:

    When they hover over Voters Items, it could show one of the tools info.
    Last vote could be conditional. If less than 36 hours, then Green. If more than 36 hours, Red. That allows the time warning without adding another line.
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