[Suggestion] Christmas Promo

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  1. Dominick The Donkey (The Italian Christmas Donkey)
    Christmas 2022 Promo idea
    Since all the reindeer have been promoted, why not promote Dominick
    Claimable via /promo Christmas22
    Speed: 70
    Jump: 80
    Health: 30

    (LORE) Santa's Italian helper Dominick (or something funny)
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  3. as an Italian from Italy, this is news to me.
  4. What a fun song! I didn't know it, thanks for sharing. :) :D
    I can still barely believe we've actually got through all reindeer from that story, but I wouldn't mind having Dominick!
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  5. Christmas Season is getting closer since Thanksgiving Day as come and gone. You all caught the Macy's parade on TV right?