[SUGGESTION] Christmas Promo

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Is this a good idea?

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Yes 42 vote(s) 53.8%
No 9 vote(s) 11.5%
No way are you out of your mind 3 vote(s) 3.8%
Yes! Aikar do this! Now! You're not working hard enough. Now! 24 vote(s) 30.8%
  1. OR maybe a Santa Suit (Low Enchanted Dyed Leather Armor)
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  2. Amazing idea. +1
  3. I am in favor of Santa Suit- Red/white dyed leather armor with Lore
    I am in favor of eggnog- Lore with Effect of some sort that clears all of your negative effects like poison, slowness etc. and Lore.
    I am in favor of Jingle bells Music disc: Lore
    Christmas promo, yay!
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  4. This probably wouldn't happen, but we could have all three of these ideas, Santa Suit, Egg Nog, and Jingle Bells all as a different variety of choices for the Christmas Promo. If Aikar even considers any of these ideas, chances are, only one would be made, if not, probably none.
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  5. Egg Nog does seem slightly too OP, but at least one of them should be implemented into EMP servers.
  6. OP?
  7. Bumper Stickers!... Bumper Cars!... Bumpity Bump!... Bump Bump Bump Bump Bump Bump Bump Bump

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  8. Zombie Virus, Eggnog.
  9. Why stop at santa suits?
    We could have Reindeer suits as well...
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  10. Well...
    Okay 030 This is cool.
    Just remember, /playsound is server wide though.
  11. /playsound random.nope brickstrike
  12. :p
  13. Reindeer suits could be Enchanted horse armor with lore :D
  14. I feel like one of the most "successful" promo items, was the Ore Buster. The reason being that it was had a special Fortune V enchantment, making more minerals from ores broken. The reason I call this a "successful" promo item is because it constantly goes up in value, as the amount of them in the game decreases. I'm not only suggesting this for the possible christmas promo, but other future promos as well. Maybe a sword with a higher Looting enchantment? Protection V armor? I have no clue, just throwing some suggestions around.
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  15. That idea is not bad actually.
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  16. That would be win, on so many levels...
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  17. All of these ideas! IN ONE THREAD! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!
  18. I am not sure about this, just because not everyone on the server celebrates christmas. That is why schools never have like christmas break usually, but holiday or winter break. I am curious to see what happens though.
  19. We. Need. Reindeer. Horses. NOW.
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  20. Do you think that everyone here celebrates Thanksgiving? We still got a great promo out of it.
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