[SUGGESTION] Christmas Promo

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Is this a good idea?

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Yes 42 vote(s) 53.8%
No 9 vote(s) 11.5%
No way are you out of your mind 3 vote(s) 3.8%
Yes! Aikar do this! Now! You're not working hard enough. Now! 24 vote(s) 30.8%
  1. What if it was possible to make an item that plays the existing notebox sounds instead of requiring everybody to download new sound files?
    Edit: Super-ninja'd by pretty much everyone
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  2. playsound is not limited to 1.7. It would be tricky to make one that played jingle bells, but not impossible. Time consuming for 1 individual more than anything.
  3. Both very good ideas I say.
  4. For non 1.7 command blocks to play sounds ... you have to convert the sound file to .ogg
  5. Or use EMC's custom plugins. :p
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  6. They can simply play the sounds to the client, as far as I'm aware, if it's in the sound files, you can play it.
  7. /playsound was an added feature for 1.6, not 1.7. It works just fine. With out any special plugins.
  8. bumpity-bump
  9. Bumper-cars!!
  10. Oooh oooh ! They could take a bucket of milk and name it "Egg nog" that give kool perks or something :)
  11. That's also a good idea kells. Since for certain promos can have multiple things to choose from, /promo Christmas could have Egg Nog and the Jingle Bells music disc. This might give a bigger variety, so if your not into Jingle Bells, but still want a promotion, they could alternatively choose Egg Nog, which would probably end up having Resistance IIII, Speed IIII, Jump Boost IIII, etc. Thank you for the idea. I will see if Aikar can do this.
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  12. Minecraft is special during the holidays. Last Christmas all the chest textures got temporarily changed to presents! And, though this would be cool, I ain't gettin' mods or resource packs just to hear Jingle Bells. Creative, but probably won't happen. Sorry! :)

    EDIT: Just read Jack's idea. If this is possible, it would be awesome. However, EMC may have other things planned. Last year, they had a special shop where things went for great sales. :) Who knows what it'll be this year?
  13. All those perks are incredibly OP :p
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  14. Egg Nog: Gives you Jump IIII
    Disclaimer: Santa dropped some extra magic dust in there by accident, so there is a twenty percent chance that you will get jump 127 instead. We are not responsible for any injuries caused by this, as Santa had a drinking problem at the time due to enemy elves poisoning his Peppermint Punch.
  15. not bad.. but doesn't jump 127 kill u from fall damage??
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  16. It would kill you, of course, unless your in a protected spawn area. We could give them boots with Feather Falling X, then again, that might be too OP
  17. How about Egg Nog gives Regeneration III, Resistance III, Speed III, and Jump Boost III
  18. Then again, Egg Nog might not even be considered by Aikar.
  19. Why has nobody thought egg nog giving you nausea? That would fit right in.
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  20. Please only post once unless someone else has posted.
    The updated perks would have to have downsides like nausea or blindness or something.

    ... :p