[Suggestion] /chat off [reason]

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/chat off reason?

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  1. Sorry, PersonWhoYouReallyWantedToTalkTo chat turned off

    But why!?//!?!11?!?!?

    /chat off [reason] - usable only by supporters, same as /away and /dnd. Allow people to optionally set a reason as to why they have chat off. Also, colors. Because colors are nice. Default to white if no color is specified.

    > /chat off &6&lno talk pls --> Sorry, PenguinDJ chat turned off: no talk pls

    Quick suggestion. Let me know what you think.

  2. I could see this being helpful as its similar to afk reason.
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  3. I don't turn chat off, personally. But I'm sure I would like a message if I tried to contact a friend and they had their chat turned off. I always try to leave a reason on my away message when I know I'm going to go afk. It's a nice feature. +1
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  4. Love this idea. Sometimes I turn off chat when there is constant bickering or if I need to power through a build uninterrupted.
  5. Sorry, I didn't catch your suggestion right away because I had my forum turned off :D

    (sorry, sorry, sorry ;))

    I don't see myself using this but I can fully see how this could be useful. If you only knew how long it took for some of my friends to remember (and accept) the fact that I don't see join/part messages (I have chat status usually turned off) so I normally don't respond to someone when they just come online. Some things have changed in the mean time: the option to show those messages on the status line is really useful IMO.

    But yeah: clearing away confusing seems like a good thing(tm) to me. So...

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  6. Seems useful
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  7. I like it. It would be great to let the person(s) that are trying to contact you why you're not available. "Sorry but I can't take your text at this this since I'm on a mob hunt."
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  8. Definetly useful, having Town chat on at the same time while talking to people in diffirent chats can sometimes get a bit chaotic...
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  9. good idea! I would certainly use this when I'm doing something important!
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  10. This does seem like a useful idea... Don't see any reason why not :)
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  11. Yeah, should be helpful. But why only usable by supporters?
  12. It's similar to /dnd and /away, which both give the option for supporters to set messages for them. As it's a similar feature, I grouped them all together and suggested it for supporters only.

    That's my best answer. :p
  13. It is the same as afk reason, only supporters :)
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  14. This suggestion seems pretty reasonable.
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  15. +1 this seems more reasonable than /dnd :p
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  16. I think ill add this tonight,

    subscribe for when I go live (adding links to signature now)
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  17. Yay! :D
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  18. This guy is one of the million reasons why i can say that EMC listens to their community, and thats why i love this place.
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