[SUGGESTION] Change an EMC Mechanic

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  1. Hi fellow EMCers,

    I bring thee a suggestion.

    A little back story:

    Before 1.8 I owned one of the fastest enderman farms out there. Now, It is slower than a single zombie spawner farm. Which was not an issue for me because I had BIG plans with endermites. That was until I saw this.

    A simple mob such as an endermite with a nametag surely wont hurt the server. Which is why I am suggesting we either remove this game rule or allow it to work on Endermites.


    Here is what fellow players had to say about this:


    All these kind sayings about a simple rule. Act now, we must unite and +1!

    Seriously though, I wanna nametag endermites :(
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  2. Or just change the enderman spawn back to 1.7 spawn conditions and rules? Just an alternate suggestion.
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  3. ^^ Much rather would like the 1.7 mechanic of enderman where grinders rates weren't destroyed.
  4. 3 words. The, and, and uh. One question. Am I an EMCer? I EMC? think about it. Anyway, back on topic, yes I think this should happen.
  5. Aikar explained it once but I am too lazy to find what he said, here is a shortened AmusedStew understanding:
    "it broke structures already made but we made it so in future updates it wont break"

    I think that is the general idea of what he said, of course you can correct me if I am wrong
  6. It broke structures? What do you mean by that?
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  8. the update like ruined the way they spawned in previous structures.... I might go find the quote...
  9. He did say low priority though :(
  10. I discussed a similar issue as yours with the enderman farm before. I've been hit by this, so did Docm back during Minecraft World Tour III. The effectiveness of all of our non-spawner mob farms has fallen drastically by Minecraft 1.8. However, the same types of mob farms built in 1.8 terrain has been shown to be about as efficient as they would be prior to 1.8.

    This phenomenon was likely due to internal changes made to mob spawning in Minecraft 1.8. It makes my believe LC still exists and somehow ruined mob farms.

    Before 1.8, a value called "LC", or Loaded Chunks, appeared on the debug screen. This value indicated how high up the chunk the player was standing in was loaded. Whenever light or a non-air block enters a Y-coordinate greater than the LC value, the LC value will increase in factors of 16 minus 1.
    For example: placing a block at Y: 64 where LC = 63 will cause the of LC of the chunk to increase to 79 because 64(Y) > 63(LC).

    The LC value is empathized most regarding mob farming because it influences spawn rates. According to Minecraft's spawning algorithm, the game checks for air blocks in 16^3 sections of chunks, starting from the bottom and up to the LC value of the chunk. As the LC increases, the more checks the game has to make to find valid spawning spaces before starting again at the bottom. Because mob farms rely on mobs to spawn in specific locations, it's crucial to have them checked as much as possible to maximize efficiency. This is why enderman farms tend to be extremely quick and mob farms in the sky are usually much slower.
    Unfortunately, Minecraft 1.8 probably caused the LC value of all existing chunks before the update to be automatically maximized to 255, the current build limit, which minimizes mob spawn rates in specified chunk segments; this includes mob farms.
    At this point, I think the best solution is to find new terrain in Minecraft 1.8 to build new mob farms in.
    I know this change is catastrophic for some of us players, but remember that life is always changing and nothing lasts forever. We have to move on from the past for what's ahead of us in the future.
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  11. I've done this with my new witch farm. This new farm at maybe 15-20% efficient produces ALOT more then my first witch farm which has zero spawning spots within a 64 blocks radius except in the farm.
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  12. Yes, but I am suggesting that we be allowed to place name tags on mobs to keep them from despawning. I have no problem making a new farm, it took me and sam less than 8 hours to build our farm. I WANT to make a new farm, but I wanted to make one with the new 1.8 endermites but an EMC mechanic has prevented me from doing this.
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  13. I guess I agree that nametags on hostile mobs would be useful. I was gonna go out and capture a ghast as my fun marshmallow pet, but I can't do that without nametags, eh? :p Plus, of course, the farm thing. Definitely.
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  14. I think EMC's staff prevented the naming of monsters to reduce lag on servers, even though name tags were rare to find before 1.8. Now, you can buy name tags from librarian villagers for about 20 to 25 emeralds each. I also believe that the staff hasn't trusted players to use name tags sparingly. One possibly I've thought to limit the amount of inexperienced users to name mobs is through the supporter rankings. Perhaps, Gold and Diamond, or only Diamond, Supporters are allowed to name hostile mobs on EMC.;)
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  15. I could see it being supporter only.

    However, I do not see how naming one mob, in a void world.... can even cause any server issues. I have watched youtube videos of servers with less power as our servers support naming hostile mobs for this mob alone too.

    This is also a bump :)
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