[SUGGESTION] Building in reset zones according to rank

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Do you support this idea?

Yes, I do 7 vote(s) 31.8%
No, I don't 8 vote(s) 36.4%
Perhaps with a few alternations (please suggest them!) 7 vote(s) 31.8%
  1. Hey guys,

    Before I start, I would just like to say that even I'm not 100% sure whether or not I support this idea - I just want to throw it out there - so I will remain neutral. I do know, however, that it would clean up the wild spawn and outpost area either in the wastelands, wild (and nether?)

    What it would mean is basically that the closer to spawn you are, the higher the rank you have to be to build/destroy/play. Of course this would only last for a certain area - to the end of the reset zone? The (N.B. I'd like to keep them fairly small - 60 blocks wide?) sections would all be even, everyone could travel through them no matter what rank and could work a little like this:

    emc spawn diagram.png

    • Would clean up the area around the spawns effectively, getting a bit messier the further you go out from this "zone"
    • New perks?
    • Would actually drive more players to go further out in the wild/wastelands to build and mine
    • Sort of drives towards the direction and opinion of "oh that's unfair, supporters have it easier and can get stuff more easily than other members"
    • Limits where people can build in the wild... We don't really want that.
    • At the end of the day it might really just be extending the protected spawn?
    • Perhaps a bit overpowered?
    • A lot more complaining from regular players, reasonable I suppose.
    • May make those players that don't like running out more than 200 blocks feel like they're being "forced" to support.
    If you can think of any more for either side, please post them and as always, what do you think? :)
  2. I like it... Keeps it easier to get out... For a bit.
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  3. IMO, I am all for this idea. Although there would be lots of discussion/debate about how large the area should be, I think with a few tweaks, this could actually work. :)
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  4. Unfortunately yes. I was considering adding another rank for the future "dedicated members" rank that brings a few non-supporter perks but that might be a long, long way off. :)
    Indeed a LOT of tweaks. :) I would say maybe 60-100 blocks.

    *EDIT* Also, this post overtook Nfell \m/
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  5. I can't see how this area would not get messy or as messy as the wild now. All ranks would mine it. only advantage would be that it you are a supporter, dependent on your level you would have an advantage over other player's with more resources closer to spawn.

    I believe this is what Utopia is for
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  6. The area CLOSE to spawn wouldn't get messy because it would filter out quite a lot of players that might just dig straight in and go mining :) The further you get from this zone, the messier as more players have access to it. Then it would get cleaner as you go futher from the zone.
  7. I am very interested in this and i do support it :).
  8. I like a part of this idea- mostly only the part that everyone else is interested in, and that's smoother transitions between clean Protected Spawn locations and the mowed-down, sometimes impassible terrain. On most circumstances, I'd disagree, but it's the only option I've seen yet as to fix this. I'm planning on going Iron soon, and I'd be just fine with this as a set policy.
  9. I know some very "nooby" supporters (they dont frequent the site), and i feel like they would decide to be super duper funny and make a dirt wall -_- Lol
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  10. There is going to be a messy zone no matter how you look at it. We need folks with lots of dirt and patience to patch things up on a regular basis. A team dedicated to making the area around the spawn a place where people can safely cross to reach the deeper wilds.

    I am probably too lazy to head up such a group but would contribute time to such an effort.
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  11. Noticing how everyone here is a donor, personally I don'- nevermind I don't think it would be any better as the regular players may not dig it, but slowly, but surely the donors would. I dunno, just whatever seems right and if this makes supporter-ship any more of value.
  12. The problem I see with this is that once normal players get out of the supporter areas they will begin mining etc. And this would basically extend the 'warzone' area outside of the PRA.
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  13. Like has been said, we would just get an awfully messy zone a bit further from the protected area, and it would be exponentially bigger than the one we have now, making it really dangerous to travel. And the thing with the dirt walls... We all know it would happen. Simply taking for granted all Diamond supporters good will to keep the area tidy is a risky bet.

    But, this idea, combined with four bedrock ways or tunnels from the spawn, like Aikar's highway on SMP9, over which no one could build, that could work, somehow.
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  14. Pretty much, yes. (Not bigger though) However it would make quite a lot of regular players, having already traveled a fair distance, be encouraged to go a little further to see what's out there. :)

    This is still a negative though;
    I don't, I don't think we should just assume that all diamond supporters are good and willing because they're not. However, they are in a minority and do pay the most towards EMC, hence it could be reasonably clean(er)

    To be honest, I don't think that this really "fits in" with EMC and its ideal situation however it could possibly be a solution to what a lot of people complain about. :)
  15. What you want to achieve is a better looking Wilderness around Spawn and Outposts.
    But diamond supporters can actually create much more mess than the rest :)
    (and with less effort), so i don't see how this could work.

    I've already proposed a solution to this problem somewhere in another thread:
    Sell this land for somewhat lower price under obligation to bring and keep it in acceptable appearance.
    It's how it's done in RL and it mostly works well.

    Important (anyway): do not adversely affect travel routes / portals.
    What I think all want is to travel easier and faster, not to have another barrier, or three of them...

    LBNL, if you know how to travel, you travel through the Nether and not across that areas.
  16. Some very valid points. :)

    Although, majority of our players wouldn't even think about using nether travel to get further out.
    Technically that would be it, if you want access to the land you buy diamond. :)
    Assuming that you mean with TNT? Comes under griefing really
    Although there is the argument "well if you're *selling* rights to the land, you should be able to use what you want on it"
  17. That means they can learn new interesting things and develop their game-play :)
    Quartz Express has around 50 users (500 would be better:))

    Sure, first thought is TNT, but they also can have few nice fast picks and shovels every day for the "free" 1300r.
    Why would they go mining elswhere?

    The point is to sell it for lower price and attach the obligations.
  18. I have an idea to sprout off of this, but I've no idea if it's possible. For all the supporters who've been to Utopia's town, you know how we can fly, yes? But the block-breaking speed is drastically severed enough to keep most people from flying while building... Perhaps if we were to make something so that the closer you get to Protected Spawn, the harder it gets to break things until you just simply cannot. A few downsides though: Efficiency, and the people who will do anything to ruin the environment (Or just regular miners who are looking for close, untouched areas).
  19. Nice idea, but probably closer to expanding the protected spawn than this is. :)