[Suggestion] Bonus Chests from Voting

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Would you like to see bonus chests from voting?

Yes, every 5 days 14 vote(s) 22.2%
Yes, every 10 days 18 vote(s) 28.6%
Yes, every 15 days 9 vote(s) 14.3%
Yes, every 20+ days 16 vote(s) 25.4%
No 6 vote(s) 9.5%
  1. Hello!

    First, I'd like to point out that I came up with this idea while reading this thread: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/vote-roulette.51961/. It's still an original idea, but is similar to that thread.

    In order to break from the regular routine of voting and knowing exactly what you'll get, add some random luck to it. Every 10 days, a voter would be awarded a Bonus Chest.

    This'll add a little more fun to voting, and have a nice reward every 10 days. Obviously, this can be changed, but it's what I would like to see.

    It's a simple feature that I think will be a good change.

  2. I like this idea. It definitely adds more use for the bonus chests.
    +Doggie (+10000)
  3. Yes, i mean, Who would not like extra stuff?
  4. +1 This would get me voting :D
  5. + 1 This would definitely be a nice addition.
  6. Maybe they should modify what you can get from them, like remove the supporter vouchers.
  7. +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
  8. It'd be good if you nerfed them a considerable amount.
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  9. Good Idea PenguinDJ and thanks for adding the link to my thread! :p
  10. To be honest I can't answer because it would heavily depend on the kind of items you'd think should be included. If we're talking about the "item roulette" as it was being used in the 300k Scavenger hunt then I'd definitely vote no, because giving out supporter vouchers merely for voting a few days seems highly overrated to me.

    But another problem... We already get re-occurring amounts of (extra) rupees, diamonds and emeralds for voting. Every 3 days: whop, one diamond. Every 5 days: whop, one emerald.

    So basically; every 20days worth of voting you got yourself: 6 diamonds, 4 emeralds, one vault voucher and 150 + 400 = 550r. And if you kept up those 20 days in a streak you also got yourself a pair of voter boots. And that's not even including the approx. 1000r you can make per day just for voting. So to make this example complete I'd also have to mention the potential 20,000r.

    Do we really need more? :confused:

    I'm not too sure here. Think of all the stuff you can buy yourself from those rupees alone...
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  11. I think that this could be a good idea but I say that it would be a Bonus for perhaps every 25 streak or so? Make them quite hard to get but make sure that good prizes can still be obtained perhaps? :)
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  12. +1 tuqueque likes and approves this
  13. I like the idea, but I would like to get Chests instead of what we get now. The chances to get the things we get now like Diamonds, Emeralds and vouchers could be set so that it is about the same frequency but with the chance to get other more rare items.

    It seems that promos could be done this way as well. During a Promo period, you could vote with 100% chance of receiving the promo item then any Chests after that would go back to "normal" item frequency. Voting sites could be weighted or we could have other promotional voting periods. The last time I checked there was no /mail get all but it would get me out of typing /promo to see what the promo name is then /promo promoname.
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  14. I think this might cause some problems with jealousy. If I vote and get a bonus chest with a marlix item in it and someone votes and gets some tnt, it just doesn't feel fair. It was different for a special event that was taking the place of a drop party. This is just my opinion.
  15. This is generally a good idea, but as MrsWishes said, it could cause jealousy. Maybe if the higher your vote bonus got, the better chance you get of getting something good. Another thing is they could make good promos and vouchers VERY rare and make diamonds, emeralds, tnt, obsidian, vault vouchers, and stable vouchers easier to find. Bonus chests are already like this, but maybe making the good items earned instead of just randomly picked would cause less jealousy. +1
  16. I agree to this! +21 because 9 + 10= 21 xD
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  17. I Like your Idea on it Lockdown, but +1 either way
  18. Good point. However, the contents of the chests could be limited to certain catagories each month (or time period).

    I doubt extremely rare items would be included in something that could be won every couple weeks.

    However, part of the incentive is the fact that it's a MYSTERY reward. It has the same psychology as gambling, but without negative effects. I think the availability of rare items would increase the likelihood of people voting regularly.

    While people will always potentially get jealous, we have to remember that these chests would be BONUS and RANDOM, making nobody entitled to a special item. If somebody gets a marlix item and another gets dirt, that's life. It would be a part of the system, and people would have to remain voting persistently for a good item.

    That being said, I doubt such items as dirt would be included as options because of their lack of value. Ultimately, people are going to find a way to be dissapointed no matter the circumstances, and catering to that inclination, while sometimes important, can often take the fun out of, or diminish the value of experiences. While it is important to keep fairness in mind while deciding how reward chests are won (ensuring all have an opportunity to win), taking away the potential for GREAT prizes would diminish participation, and the even distribution of great bonuses would dimish their value.

    I have no doubt the staff would develop this idea masterfully and specify specific probabilities according to the value of each reward. :)

    TLDR: Pleasing everybody is difficult and might diminish incentive to participate.
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