Vote Roulette

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  1. Hey,

    My idea is that you could get a vote key from voting on all 10 links!
    There could be a vote chest at spawn and if you right click it with the key, you get a random item from about 25-50 things. These things could be valuable items or not so valuable.


    5% = 10 Diamonds
    0.5% = Beacon
    25% = 32 ender pearls
    7.5% = Nametag
    12% = Saddle

    Hope you like my idea :)

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  2. +1, this could actually spice up voting (even though I have never voted...)
  3. Forgot to put [SUGGESTION]

  4. You can report the post and ask staff to add it. :)
  5. Nah I don't think it matters now, but if I do it again I will do that.

    Thanks for telling me! :)