[ Suggestion ] Being able to teleport out of Endertopia without having to go through a portal.

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What do you think?

Yes 9 vote(s) 42.9%
No 12 vote(s) 57.1%
  1. I think that it should not require us going through a portal to teleport out of Endertopia.
  2. I don't see a need for it... just walk the 10 seconds to the teleport.
  3. Why must you always disagree with me PenguinDJ?
  4. When I used to go there it got annoying have to go the portal constantly. Plus I would die of endermen killing me so this would be a nice escape :p
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  5. See he's into the spirit of things.
  6. I don't always disagree with you; I don't particularly like your past two suggestions. That's all.
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  7. *She's*
    It isn't necessary but it would be nice
  8. Oh I thought you were a fude.
  9. Many people mistake me for a fude :p
    Anyways, +1 to this idea xD
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  10. Belive it or not I once thought PenguinDJ was a girl but back to topic on the suggestion.
  11. Adding onto a rather vague opinion... I'm strongly against making gameplay too easy for players... including teleport commands. That's also why I'm totally against teleportation to your Empire later on (which I don't think I've said yet). Same thing for auto-farms... I'd rather play a game without them.
  12. *walks away whistling*
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  13. Well how about we make a second suggestion for that to be a player setting in this thread.
  14. Im slightly curious as to why you want this, if you yourself aren't a supporter :p
  15. I am I have left for a road trip krysyy had my supportership deactivated and she will reactivate it when I get back so why are you criticizing me?
  16. I am I have left for a road trip krysyy had my supporters hip deactivated and she will reactivate it when I get back so why are you criticizing me?
  17. Disagreeing with him once again. :p

    Also, +1. I do not visit endertopia, and laziness is a battle I do my best to fight for.
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  18. I'm not criticising, I was just curious.
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  19. Which one? This suggestion or teleporting to/from wild bases? Both have the same downfall...

    A player can just not use the command if they don't like it, that's not the problem, and a little bit of self control will eliminate the need for a /ps setting. The real issue comes with other players using the command. I'm against any sort of teleportation in/to/from any world other than town... and a /ps setting doesn't fix that problem.
  20. I guess just Endertopia.