(suggestion) ban shop and casino advert's from economy chat

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  1. since staff have made it clear that economy chat isnt just used for anything to do with the economy, and have also made it clear that when people feel a particular point in the economy chat is spammy it can be disallowed.

    i would like to formally make my voice (and a sentiment i think many players echo) heard that i feel that casino advertisements and shop advertisements are not only used too much in economy chat, but also dont belong in there entirely. i dont need to know you have a shop on another server there are plenty of shops on my server i can go to, not only that but the casinos are even worse, if i want to find a casino ill just server hop and type /casino until i find one, there is no need to clog up my feed with advertisements for things i and many others dont want.

    if you feel the same comment below so staff can be clear that there is a majority in this, all voices are welcome including newcomers whom are scared to speak up (which was brought up in an official staff policy notice) please feel free to make your voice heard friends.
  2. I feel this is only to retaliate on the thread made by Krysyy to make rule changes on the Auction thread so -77777
  3. As someone who can attest they work and who uses them sparingly, I think this would actually lead me to have to quit EMC. If you don't want to hear it turn your chat off. People have shops and need to be able to advertise.

  4. why would you think that? im just using the logic that staff informed me of as policy? if it isnt congruent then explain why please
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  5. I don't really need to explain for this will go off topic quickly.
  6. Yes we don't like that logic which is why we are discussing it....
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  7. this is a serious suggestion. i personally and in the thread you have mentioned others have brought up, get incredibly annoyed by those advertisements and prior to the policy change always thought they were spammy and should be atleast more regulated. it is only with the recent policy change that now i see that a grievance like that can be taken seriously and pursued so separate of that thread, but with policy mentioned there this suggestion came back in my mind. if staff will allow i can bring up names of people ive complained about in town chat in the past for doing this.
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  8. In a post, Krysyy clearly dated that Economy chat is for shops, a player looking to buy or sell an item, and I’m sure this includes casinos so -1
    I do feel like this is retaliation to new rules
  9. well you can think whatever you like, even if its wrong. you can think a potato is a carrot but it does not make you right.
    my thoughts are my own and id appreciate you not subjecting your reality to them, ive made my case in a previous post.
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  10. Im sorry to say but after reading your messages on the new rules, this most deffinetly is influenced my the new rules. I don't agree with taking auctions off the economy chat but shops and casinos are economics. If you do not like seeing their chat do /toggle economy and turn it off. I understand you dislike the new rules but this isn't a "lets remove everything one guy doesn't like" time frame for the rules. Krysyy and the rest of staff wish to make the auctions a more realistic thing. You wont ever see a auction bid being advertised on T.V. its only shown to those who decide to go and bid/sell, you WILL see a shop or casino being advertised on television. So for the purpose of this thread i think this is best to be left alone so hostility doesn't start. -1
  11. again i had these thoughts before the new implementation of the auction rules, they are only influenced by them at all because staff have made it clear that they are listening to the complaints people have about the economy/market chat.

    if youve played long enough with me on smp6 you would at some point have heard me complaining about truman advertising his casino constantly or azoundria spamming shop adverts, this has happened for years and ive complained about it for years. so the idea pre-empted the policy change. im only making my thoughts public now because of said change and the precedent set where people who complain about things in economy chat have a voice. this is my voice
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  12. While this is true, the messages occur not so frequently. Also, using azoundria as an example do you also want to ban shops? That is the logic you are using and it makes no sense. Auction spam I do agree happens once in a blue moon, but that was a staff decision to remove it. Market chat is for, as stated above, players wanting to buy/sell items or services, advertising shops, and advertising othe rupee transaction related things
  13. ok but with that line of thinking auctions are a rupee transaction, so clearly that isnt the case. meaning at the very least casino's shouldnt be able to spam in their. you cant have it both ways where you justify all rupee transactions and then say that removing auctions was justified, thus you have to concede that at the very least non-shop/mall related actions dont belong in that chat.
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  14. That is a good point, but banning casinos fully doesn’t solve the problem, you just get more angry players. I think we shouldn’t ban casinos, and ask is yes above, we can’t do much about auction rule changes. I am agreeing with most of your statements, but fully banning them and/or advertising is too far.
  15. lets break it down in a logic equation
    if thing X is banned from thing Y because only thing Z belongs in thing Y
    And thing W happens in thing Y, and thing W is not thing Z
    then it naturally follows that thing W does not belong in thing Y

    edit hit send too quickly:
    so my question is what do yall think in the above equation thing Z is? (y is obviously economy/market chat)
  16. I assume that Y is market chat, X is auction advertising, Z is shops advertising, and W is casino advertising.
  17. I kinda agree with the Casino's not being used in Economy Chat because that is more of an attraction that is highly profitable. Casinos should be treated like an event not a player shop... But economy chat should be sued for player shops and buying/selling items. But Bite if you are SUPER annoyed which I sincerely you can use the command
    /chat hide economy
  18. Auctions are forum based transactions, advertising shops and casinos are in game, that’s what the rule change is about. Dont wanna hear them turn off market chat
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  19. *cough /chat hide economy cough*
    ^ With that command, you don't have to see any of the so-called spamming of casino/shop advertisements.
    That command is there just for these reasons, if someone is annoyed by all the advertisements or just wishes not to see them, they use that command to "get rid" of them. Probably about 90% of the community would be very mad if shop and casino advertising was banned from economy chat, because how would they be able to tell the world about their creation to help the community gather supplies and resources, get them the money they need, have fun, show pride in their work, etc. Also, the economy chat is purposely there for advertising these things in the community. I don't want to start any trouble and I hope you understand where I am coming from. So, I'll have to give a -1, sorry.
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