[Suggestion] Ban *PM* me offer sales on the forums.

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  1. I think it would benefit new players and the community to place a ban on forum threads which "sell" items to the person who PM's the player with the highest price. I think that they should be banned because they are 1) Misleading to new players as they may think that they are bidding when in fact the person is *selling* the item. 2) The "seller" may be scaming the in fact bidder by claiming that someone is offering a higher price. 3) It's in actuality a ploy to circumvent the forum auction rules.
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  2. this is in reply to an earlier thread that was deleted personally i agree and will close/delete any threads i see doing this if it does not follow auction rules
  3. My main thought is that this should be a black and white ordeal but there is a ton of grey. I think that there should be nothing that resembles anything of the sorts because you can't say that "You can if you have all in the PM" because regardless of what restrictions you put on it there will still be a possibility for a shady deal to go down.

  4. Eh, punk, theres nothin' "shady" goin' on down here...
  5. Personally I want to ban the use of /telling me "B1d on meh aucttttyiojn::: (link here)" you have no clue how many times that has happened to me lol... :p also while we're at it ban begging for rupees in /tells for projects. Only exception could be vault fee. :3
  6. I cant agree or disagree... There is too much unknown or grey area about the situation, but the proposal does sound reasonable.
  7. Thought i might address some of your concerns brick. /report can be the best tool you have access to on EMC in game and on the threads
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  8. I do not see how this would harm anyone. In the end, two people either agree on a price or they don't.
    If the seller is telling stories about other offers that should not bother anyone - it is irrelevant.

    I guess you want to protect people who lack social skills and/or experience and are easily misled.
    Generally, this is not desirable. One should rather educate and let them learn - also by mistake.

    Social skills. People are lazy and they are lying - sometimes. Look at commercial advertising around you. Everyone needs to learn that.
    Especially for young and inexperienced players - it is good for them to learn that on EMC where it won't cause much harm.

    Not really. You need to know why there are auction rules as they are, you need to understand the intention behind them.
    Just one big difference: the auctioneer is obliged to sell if there is a valid bid, the seller (with or without price negotiation) is not.

    If someone makes you believe you're getting a great deal - in any foreseeable or any not foreseeable way - and it turns out that you've paid far too high price:
    - you get a great motivation to learn to double-check, you will be more cautious next time
    - you should ask the seller again about that deal and if possible check her/his motives - to learn if she/he is trustworthy or not
    - you should ask the seller to adjust the price ex post (with hindsight) or roll the deal back
    - if the price - at the time of the deal - was obviously more than double of the market value, and the seller refuses to take the goods back or to reduce the price, them you can talk about scamming
    - but again, you learn to double-check, and that is worth more than million rupees
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  9. Not to split hairs or anything, but /report can't be used on the forums. :p
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  11. there is a report button at the bottom of each post !!! lets not nit pick here and keep on topic eh?
  12. The problem is that it can't be regulated. You think it can't be harmed, but they can be. When people have a forum auction, what happens is seen by all, but "selling an item for the highest price" is unregulated and can open people up to being spammed. So it can be dangerous.
  13. I know I made too high of bids on items, because while I'm not new to the game, I am new to bidding on the auctions. Thank you for the advice, will certainly use it next time.
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  14. it also makes it harder for mods to regulate seller protection, i have to go look at your pm's to see the price that was agreed upon and match it up with other stuff if you dont get the rupees you wanted. its a hassle in many different ways. but my main issue is it circumventing the auction rules since it is clearly an auction (the thread aforementioned even used the word bid). if you are going to do this style of "silent auction" it should follow the same rules any other auction thread would. that is a clear end time (not from last bid but from open of thread so i dont gotta monitor your pm's), a clear representation of the items offered which are set according to auction rules, a clear lowest bidding price, and a concise winner to the auction that is stated then closed when the product is gone.

    otherwise you should be either holding an in game auction and follow those rules or just do a simple sell thread with a named price
  15. Oh, ok. ;) Ill try to keep on topic now :p I have always been confused what to do for begging, so thanks for clearing that up for me :D
  16. I first wrote a lengthy posting trying to explain why I think that it is not a good idea to restrict ways of negotiations and trade. But ...
    So instead of introducing an arbitrary new rule (that would be counter-intuitive because "send me your offer" / price negotiations is a common and generally accepted way of how people trade), instead of unnecessarily complicating things and hurting all the honest sellers any buyers, why not just apply the "no scamming" rule?

    I'm too lazy to search the forum for references, but I remember that in several threads it was established that selling with negotiation is not an auction. (And I don't see why it would be one, as both seller and buyer are free to make and/or take back a proposal.)

    BTW I guess that the vast majority of EMC does not know the reasons and intentions behind the "Community Auctions" rules. (Because I had quite a hard time finding out...)
  17. Cause some people might be confused or not follow it accordingly so they will try and go behind someones back.
  18. But, would you hurt the honest majority because of that few scammers?
  19. lol what? sorry im a bit confused by your reply
  20. If an arbitrary rule would be introduced that works as a restrain for many people, and it's intention is just to hamper one out of infinite number of ways of scamming, than it would actually hurt the community instead of helping.

    Like over-protective parents do: they think about protecting children, but the effect is the opposite. Also like overdoing with hygiene and having a sterile household - the immune system won't develop...
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