[Suggestion] Ban appeals for non-forum members

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  1. Good evening.

    While the ban appeal system is more efficient than it was previously, there's a significant issue in that those who are banned prior to creating forum accounts are unable to appeal those bans through the current system. For context to those who don't know, the system requires that a private message be sent to the staff member who issued the ban (or krysyyjane9191 if the staff member in question is no longer staff). This requires a forum account, which requires one to sign up on the server itself using /register. If the person in question is banned on the server, they can't use /register to sign up, which renders them unable to appeal.

    I think we need to open up an avenue to those who wish to appeal a ban and are unable to create an account on here to do so. One possible suggestion is this.

    Under the menu where it says join/log-in, there should be a link which takes them to a forum that asks them to enter a username. The system then checks for active bans. If there is no active ban the player is encouraged to use /register on the server to obtain a rupee bonus.

    If there is an active ban, a second section will pop up. This section will ask for the username of the staff member who banned them as well as the reason for the ban. Once this information is authenticated they are taken to appeal.emc.gs to follow the appeal process to reverse the ban.

    This is just off the caffeine-induced brain that's still up at 1 am working on computer stuff. Perhaps staff/the community can help refine it.

    In short though, we do need this. While there are certainly characters we do not want back here, some are banned based on innocent mistakes they will be all to happy to get rectified. We should give those people a full opportunity to send an appeal in.
  2. This sounds like a great idea! :D
  3. A ban appeal site was meant to be done ages ago. But as always, it never happened :)
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  4. The hamster knows all....

    First hearing about that... Source of information?
  5. In my opinion, this would not be the right thing to do...
    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this email only viewed by Aikar/krysyy?

    What we should really do is create an appeal@empireminecraft.com and allow all moderators to view it. This will let each moderator choose what appeal belongs to them, and work with it out from there. Either that or all of the appeals can get automatically sorted out by moderator so that they only have to see their appeals, and not anyone else's.

    This is just my opinion, think of it as you wish.
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  6. I definitely like this idea.

    There's far too many players that come on, get banned, then realise they forgot to register to the forums and rage quit. That's the last thing we want, IMO, and this would fix that completely, rather than have them run around the forums like a chicken without a head looking for the email support@empireminecraft.com. It simplifies life, nad that's a good thing.

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  7. They can be made visible to mods if they need to be - EMC emails go into Track. Also mods have (had?) @empireminecraft.com emails
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  8. Pony@empireminecraft.com
  9. Again hamster knows all...
  10. all support emails are visible to all staff and can communicate that way for a ban appeal.

    We also have a contact link at the bottom of the forums that banned players use to contact us when they don't have an account.

    It's worked pretty well so far... I don't see the a big issue here requiring more effort to be spent towards it.
  11. The solution would be to make the ban appeal page accessable with a code the user get send with the e-mail when he get banned. with that code he can login on that page.

    You only need to hope that the get and read the e-mail :eek:
  12. Gosh... It is like Aikar knows exactly what he is talking about :p It's like he is the owner or something!
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  13. ikr
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  14. Weird eh?
  15. If you ask me, this should happen to banned players:
    • Placed in a 100x100 room
    • Soulsand for the floor
    • a single layer of cobwebs occupying above the soulsand
    • Slowness II
    • Blindness II
    • Given a wooden pickaxe
    • They must find and break the 10 hidden obsidian blocks
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  16. Actually... Not a bad idea..

    If they don't care, they won't waste their time, and just go to another server
    If they do care, they'll do it.
  17. Even those that care about EMC have their limits. It'll save ban appeals but you could lose legit players this way.
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