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  1. Badges would be a cosmetic thing inbetween the chat channel and name. Each badge can be obtained through either buying with tokens, donating, or doing special things (such as killing bosses, winning events, etc). There could also be a badge for each holiday, which could be bought for tokens, such as an easter egg, christmas tree, clover, heart, etc. It would look something like this:
    T [~] PlasmaBanana
    Obviously the badges could be different colors and more unique symbols like a skull or omega sign. Badges would be able to be switched by /badges and then clicking on the badge you would like to equip. This is just a minor thing I have seen before but I really like them. What are your thoughts?

    Edit: Ok so apparently I wasn't clear enough. They would be symbols, and only one can be equipped at time.

    Thanks to penguindj, This is what it would look like. The top, not the bottom :)
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  2. YES I love this idea
  3. Perhaps they could be an actual item? They could just be named items, saying given to X player on X/X/X date for X in the lore of the item.
  4. Then you would have to go out of your way to show people, this way, people can see it when you are talking to them.
  5. It would turn into them being traded and sold for In-game money. With it being a cosmetic and it not being an item, there's no way to sell them.
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  6. Could there be a player setting to turn it off? I don't want to see chat spammed with unnecessary symbols. Also, if the main point is to have something to show off, I don't think that is what we want to encourage.
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  7. Eh, I guess it would be cool, But i think it would take to much space in tab/Player list, Maybe if i can only have one at a time it would be better.
  8. I was thinking it could be like in-game achievements where you type a command and it would show the badges you have.

    That actually would be a great idea
  9. If this was implemented in game, chat would become to crowded with characters.
    Maybe add it to the forums? Like on the left of the avatar. :)
  10. This Would Be Cool too :)

    Little Extra Thing to Do when you need a Activity
  11. Ok everyone is saying jt will spam chat. That means that someone saying one word in chat is also considered spamming chat. It's not.
  12. I would be fine with it or without it... but nice idea :)
  13. One word conversations in chat bug the hell out of me, it can be considered spam. And badges next to names is not comparable, one is a word, and the other is random symbols (that often look weird/don't blend due to the font) of varying lengths preceding (generally) the name.
  14. Badges aren't random symbols. They're terms. As in maybe killing a Marlix could reward "MarlixSlayer"
  15. Also, just what everyone wants to see is "[MarlixSlayer][MomentusSlayer][Rich][Noob][NonMod]jkjkjk182" before my messages lol.
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  16. Well for one lets re-read Plasma's. Ready?

    "could be"

    Also, it wouldn't be every badge, you'd have to choose one.
  17. Mhm "could be" in this context is not referring to if they are symbols or not, but instead the types and/or colors of the symbols.

    Again though, whether they are terms or symbols, people have stated that they will consider it spam, and all spam does is annoy people. There is little point in annoying your userbase, so I don't think this is a good idea.
  18. That would be too easy!! Maybe it could be after killing like 10 of em.