[suggestion] baby horse stats

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  1. as title say there should be a way to see baby horse stats so you dont need to either egg them or wait for them to grow to see stats
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  2. Why not just eggify it? It's a baby and you aren't risking anything by doing that.
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  3. Well, once it's grown you can tame it and sit on it and do /horse and that way you can get the stats only way I know to get them other than egging.
  4. Maybe because that costs rupees in the wild, if you aren't using the Eggcelent Wand.
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  5. How you suppose to see the stats when you can't even sit on the pony. Just feed the pony like 10 haybales and it'll be an adult, you can then see it's stats when you sit on it for the first time.
  6. dont want to spend 100 and while thats not alot it adds up when im egging 10+ horses for every plains i find
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  7. i dont carry hay bales when im 100k blocks out in the wild nor do i carry anything of value
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  8. I don't think this is needed for there is /horse for after its grown as Tbird1128 mentioned so -1
  9. I don't think it's not needed for /horse doesn't work on baby horses and they take ages to grow.


    I think this is a good idea. The stats are known when you eggify the horse, so I assume that it should be possible to pull up the stats without actually also performing the eggifying part. Perhaps by right clicking it with an item (sword/pickaxe, perhaps? Many people have those with them, and they wouldn't do anything else) you could get the same information as /horse would give? :)
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  10. Could you elaborate on this suggestion more? How would you suggest a player trigger a display of the stats? It is possible, but I would like to know what you envision.
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  11. Sneak+rightclick the horse while holding a leash saddle or something significant with horses? Could be fun
  12. I bet he'll probably leave the "how" to the developers, but this is a +1 for me. It could be useful if you actually want to use the horse but don't want to waste time/resources to grow it if it's got bad stats.
  13. boo!

    As the developer that would implement it. I don't want people to completely leave the "how" to the developers. Vague suggestions are hard to work with - as it is not our original idea. I want to be convinced that we should implement it.
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  14. Hold up before you knock it down. Shooting the baby horses with a custom EMC arrow called "The Arrow of Stats".. you can actually use this arrow on any mob to see their stats from horse speeds to Momentus Health.... Arrow does no damage and a 64 pack costs 3200 rupees in the /shopworld.
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  15. I know I'm not the original suggester nor a big horse user, but does this perhaps help? :)

    This seems like a cool idea in general, but not as a solution to this request, because no one will (should) want to pay many rupees for something like seeing the stats of a baby horse, as they eventually grow anyways.
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  16. I mentioned the rupees at 3200 for 64 arrows cause that would be the same price to egg 64 horses with an eggcalent wand.
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  17. In general. I like the suggestion. I am just struggling with how you specify which mob you are targeting. I've got some ideas which will carry over to future features...
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  18. could be like click with stick and show want to egg or not with the stats or something like click show stats click again to egg its a good question i had not really thought about but i certainly will give it some thought and try to think of a way that would be appropriate
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