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  1. We have the Dirt Destroying Ticking Clock which gets rid of all the dirt on your res.
    Can there be Auto Shears that are Soulbound and well Shear off all the wool on the sheep on YOUR res and put in your inventory and the remaining wool would drop on the ground in a pile.
    Just a thought.
  2. Sounds good if you have a wool farm.
  3. This would be WAY too OP if it wasn't limited uses.
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  4. I have no comment on your suggestion, but would like to comment on something you said:

    You make it sound as if this is a commonly available item, but it is not. According to this post there are only 2 of these clocks available on the entire Empire (more could have been made at a later time, I'm still investigating).

    Still, figured I'd mention this just for context: the item you're referring to is extremely rare so maybe not the best of examples for your suggestion ;)
  5. Dirt Clocks are common. They can be bought from SS for 60k or can be obtained through a miniboss.
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  6. Good to know, thanks for the info.
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  7. You should've already known. I guess it's time to remove your title now.