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  1. Hello all, im making a museum i need some things to put in it can you help and let me know if you or anyone sells the thing, i would like a vault voucher, incitatus, turfinator, and any of the marlix stuff that it has please contact me by PM please and name a price Thanks
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  3. altenatively, you could us a paper, three horse eggs, and figure out the marlix armor color and enchant it and hamg that up, much less expensive
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  4. no because that would not be good thats not real it will be fake and it wont be a museum
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  5. 4005 on SMP2 sells some of those items :)
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  6. With 1.7, custom named items show their names when you hover over their item frames.
  7. Yes, but for the purposes of the museum, I think it would be okay to just hang up examples of the item. I mean, there is currently (soon to be two) only one Dirt-Destroying Ticking-Tock.
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  8. a what?
  9. The Dirt-Destroying Ticking Tock is a renamed clock. When you turn it in, you can have the dirt removed from your res. It is therefore worth 60,000 rupees plus the price of one clock, but it is so rare that added value ends up making it worth much more.
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  10. How were they obtainable? do you know who has them?
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  11. The last (and only) one was also obtainable in a voting contest. I cannot remember who won it. :) Isn't there another one being offered in this contest?
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  12. They are currently an exclusive prize for winning voteoffs. :)
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  13. thanks :p and not anymore! mwahah :) ~FDNY21
  14. I have an Incitatus I'm looking to sell, pm me if you're interested.