[SUGGESTION] Auction Bumping Alterations

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Good or bad idea?

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  1. I've given the new auction rules some thought recently, and I came up with something. I understand what the rules are at this point in time, however I'm making a suggestion should any changes be considered in the future. I'm also adding a poll for civil community interaction.

    PLEASE do not turn this thread into another argument about the new auction rules. Be considerate and think before you post.

    What if you could bump auctions, but only twice before the auction ended? And maybe there could be a certain amount of time to wait between bumps, like 24 hours or so. This way, auctions would still be able to get up to decent prices, but the recent threads wouldn't be spammed with auction bumps. Also, this way you could (theoretically) choose whether or not to bump it, and if you don't bump it then it ends however many hours after the last bid, or after a set amount of time regardless of when the last bid was.

    Thank you for thinking about your post before posting and staying considerate and calm.
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  2. +1 I've been considering suggesting limited and more spaced out bump rules
  3. I feel like there should definitely be a better way to draw people to your auction rather than post and pray! That said, I also feel like allowing bumping even in increments of say 2 per auction, though it is a good idea, is also something that could be seen by staff and mods as another thing they will have to police constantly. My suggestion, allow bumping of auctions but only within certain blocks of time during the day. This way the feed isn't all gummed up constantly and ppl can still be seen. If you don't make it there during that allotted time, you don't get to bump. Simple as that.
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  4. +1, however much staff seem to want to work on the fundamentally flawed market chat system.
    In many times of my day, it is quite night, and literally NO ONE is on, except yours truly. This market chat system is an half-hearted attempt to appease the crowds. There is a fundamental flaw in the system, as outlined above. I’m going to stop typing now.
  5. This would be something I would love to see implemented for it would make good compromises to the new rule change so +7
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  6. +1
    I think there being a limited amount of bumps for auctions is an excellent compromise.
    When someone bumps their auction they could do bump 1/2 and then bump 2/2 to keep track of how many times they've bumped their auction.
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  7. I keep reading this as 'Auction Bumping Alliterations'.
    So you can only bump your auction if you write something like "Bring bumps back" or "Please prioritise precious post"
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  8. From the Great words of Dean Koontz:
    Someone: "What happened to your face?"
    Odd Thomas: "A flipped fork flipped my forehead."
    Odd, to himself: Alliteration seems to offend people
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  9. 24-hour bumping of a limit of two only seems too little in my mind.

    12 hour bumping after the last post, max of 2 bumps per day till the end of the auction, and in-game advertisement with same forum rules till the new introduction of a new in-game advertisement section. Now that's a compromise
  10. I feel like 1 or 2 bumps a day(24hrs) with each bump being like 5 hrs in between each other would be good.
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