[Suggestion] Art Category for the forums

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  1. There are many many art threads and artists here but when we actually want somewhere to share our work in a thread we have to put it into misc where it can very easily get mixed up in the threads that get posted there everyday
    Having a new section for art and other related threads would give us artists and anyone who wanted to request something an easier way to look for a request or art thread without having to dig around... There are people here who are well known for doing art that aren't that hard to find and ask for a drawing, but there are also smaller businesses that want to make skins, signatures and avatars but there's simply no where to put anything like this in any other section apart from "Misc"

    I think there are enough art related threads here for an actual section to be created. Somewhere for artists to share their work. I mean, even the Official EMC Art Thread is just lying there in the Misc section!
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  2. Hey Alice!

    About a year ago, there was a suggestion just like this one requesting an art forum. The reasoning for one not being created was that having an extra forum like that, would clutter up the forum index with unneeded sections (-IcecreamCow). But, like I said that was about a year ago. We have many more active artists than we did then, we also have more forum sections. So I will bring this up to the powers that be, as I myself have wanted this exact thing for awhile :D.
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  3. I wanted one about Forum Games too. Good idea +Uno
  4. Hmmm...why not expand the range a bit? Have a Forum for anything people create, whether it's art, a cool video, a paper on a topic concerning them, a book, a house, or a cool piece of code!
  5. Creativity Forum?
  6. I think a name like 'Crafts and Creations' would be more apt. It's alliterative, scoring extra brownie points for ease of reading.
  7. You'd still need to distinguish it clearly from the existing Creations forum.
    I support the idea here, but let's at least draw the line between things built in-game and external endeavors.
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  8. We rename the 'Share your EMC Creations' forum to 'Creations on EMC', and have the new forum called something else which will distinguish it, can't think of anything off the top of my head.
  9. Um... Buhp? I'll think about this.