(suggestion) allow more than one simultaneous forums auction

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Opinion: How many Simultaneous Auctions should be allowed per account?

Poll closed Oct 2, 2023.
1 - Keep it the way it's always been 4 vote(s) 21.1%
2 - double trouble 8 vote(s) 42.1%
3 - because 5 vote(s) 26.3%
4 0 vote(s) 0.0%
5 + or more 2 vote(s) 10.5%
  1. The rule for auctions that says: 'only one auction per player may be active at one time' needs to be reevaluated. This was brought up in game chat and discussed for a bit, but writing it out now, to formally allow input from everyone.

    * Players are using alts to bypass this rule already.
    * There don't seem to be issues with auctions running, whatever reason this rule was added for, might not be an issue with our current playerbase.
    * The supporter-only auctions section have been nearly silent for years, and should be removed.
    * Bidding on auctions when you lack the rupees to pay is irrelevant to this argument. In fact, more auctions would benefit the server.
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  2. I think instead the opposite is needed.

    Make it one per player, so no alts allowed.

    Flooding the market with extra auctions could mean that shops are going to be niche things.
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  3. Should be noted. That when the topic came up. I encouraged a suggestion thread on the topic. I think reevaluating it is healthy.

    But I don't want a "flood" of them either. The alt thing is definitely an annoying detail which makes things difficult. Especially when it is often difficult to distinguish between alts and household members. So they are generally treated the same.
  4. 1000% agree. Make it an automatic marketplace ban if you use alts to auction items. Its super greedy and is highly against the rules. Less auctions also clear the insane amount that go on already so people can get good sales on items they want gone (or given away).
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  5. https://empireminecraft.com/threads...-the-economy-thread.86188/page-4#post-1617489

    My latest personal stand on the matter (2022)

    Supporter thread from 2018 transcript: I payed $5 for the sole purpose of obtaining this supporter discussion transcript

    Currently the supporter forums permissions are these ones:
    No rank: non-viewer
    Supporters: Poster perms

    My suggestion is for non supporters to bid in these... new perm scheme:

    No rank: commenter perms
    Supporters: Poster perms

    In my opinion, this will allow for the true meaning of been able to run more than 1 auction than once, because the "bidder supply" of the supporter forums is really reduced currently.



    Suggestion Thread from 2019 - https://empireminecraft.com/threads/allow-all-players-to-bid-in-supporter-auctions.79842/
    Notable replies imo:

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  6. No, it is not against the rules. EMC might be pretty unique in this (I have not played on many other Minecraft servers), but use of alts is completely allowed. It is accepted by everyone that when a promo is released, for instance, a player claims the free giveaway with all their accounts. Same with residences: if you buy diamond membership for 4 accounts, you can claim 16 residences, instead of the usual 4 max. Nobody seems to be too bothered by this. In fact, to top it off: when someone is banned, usually staff is completely okay with them resuming play on a different account (in my experience).
    Are alternate accounts OP? Very probably. Are auctions an exception to the rule? Very much not so.
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  7. The fundamental problem with alts, in my understanding, is that they create a power imbalance at the player level, but they are unavoidable.

    It's the way Mojang/Microsoft profits from the game, so I don't see a way of (severely) restricting their presence without violating some kind of ToS/EULA/else.

    So the part about claiming residences might also be connected to why max res vouchers had to be discontinued.

    On a player level, though, it creates the mentioned power imbalance between those that can't afford multiple accounts, and those that do, so addressing this, within the limits mentioned, could be beneficial.

    Finding a way to limit auctions on a per-player rather than per-account basis could go in that direction.
    Is it practically unfeasible? I'm not 100% convinced, but it is definitely not easy.
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  8. Its still the same person doing the auctions, I probably should have worded it a bit better.
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  9. Eh, I am going to push back against this particular word choice. If we are going to be administering a ban for someone with alt accounts. It is rather common for that ban to extend to their other accounts. Though it is not automated for the sole reason of other humans sharing IPs when they live together.

    With that being said, bans are much more rare than they were in EMC's founding. Due to countless factors that are irrelevant to this discussion
  10. I think the alt conversation is inconsequential and this thread should stay clear from it.

    1. You can simply ask a friend to how the auction from you as we have seen in the past from multiple community members, not often but still done.

    2. There is a feature that in EMC for increasing auction limits (Supporter Auctions), which has been broken imo forever, and thus has received very little use over the past
    > Does EMC want to continue to paywall auction limits?
    > If not simply increase limit for everyone, and remove it from the supporter feature list
    >if yes… how can we make it an effective premium feature? (Imo to make it so that additional auctions do not mean parallel markets)
    >> How it is implemented (removing sections, changing permissions, it’s just extra which we do not have to figure out, other than know what is possible)

    and to answer the poll… I have two answers…

    Keep the same if the feature supporter auctions get fixed
    before someone says Supporter Auction are not broken, I’ll be quoting myself from 5 years ago.
    If paywall is going to be removed, then 2-3 per account for everyone.
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  11. What feature are you referring to?
  12. Fixed sentence
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  13. The weird thing about labeling supporter auctions as a "paywall" is it was more like a payGated-Community. Meaning that imo, the largest reason for its non-success is that only other supporters could participate. In my opinion, that limited set of people to participate is the big reason why it was never popular, not that there was a paywall to post the auctions.

    To me, I am supportive of raising the limit.
    But with the limitations that we have on showing "recent threads" from all forum categories, there is a disincentive to making the auction section too popular. I know that is ironic to say in the lower volume traffic of the EMC of today. But if people login and only ever see auctions in those recent threads, they may further be discouraged from checking what is recently active on the future.

    I suppose, my personal vote was placed on "3". That is my gut instinct. I think 2 is plenty, but I also don't think alts need to be pulled in just for being able to have more than 1 auction active. All it is, is another paywall.
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  14. I think 3 auctions is a really good number. If more are required make it so supporter's can run more auctions? Although there is a valid point to not make the auctions "too popular" as already the traffic for auctions is rather lackluster yet is still by far typically the most popular type of interaction on the forums. Atleast from what I,ve noticed.
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  15. I voted double trouble, so it's a conditional +1 for me.

    I agree with those that say it should be raised for non-supporters. Those that fear that raising it too much could outcompete megamalls have my sympathy too, though. Every megamall on SMP6 except Silken's and Velmart went away with none to replace them, which may have killed the activity on my home SMP that I've tried so hard to bring back. 3 or more auctions per player, even with the alt restriction, could further doom the economies of already-vulnerable SMPs like SMP6 or utopia. It would also do little to crash the prices of common but anomalously expensive things like deepslate diamond and redstone ores; if anything, it would slow that down by outcompeting megamalls that are able and willing to take stashes of them up to a certain point.

    As for the alts thing, I agree that it should be restricted but not automatic. It's fundamentally unfair, but there are indeed cases of multiple actual people using the same IP. My mom used to live here with me and has her own account, and not everyone is going to play fair like I do and avoid using alts to cheat the system unless we actively restrict it.
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  16. Bumping for the poll
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