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  1. I Have noticed a lot of people going "brb" or <---------AFK, So i thought after all the current Amazing Projects If You have time maybe Add The /afk feature in?

    EDIT: K I have made a poll for everyone to vote at, it closes on december 24th!
    Link: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/afk-voting-poll.16580/
  2. Provided the anti-spam filter can be setup to prevent this being abused, then I like the idea. :)
  3. :D Jack Likes It!
  4. What would /afk do or achieve?
  5. bob: /afk
    me: /tell bob hey so about the cookies
    [Bob Is Afk] [Messages will be sent after bob is no longer AFK]
  6. It says You're afk and when you move it deactivates (basically just saves a little time and doesn't confuse people)
  7. Neat, and simple.
  8. I like it.
  9. Good idea but remove the "if move then no longer afk" and its AWSOME!
  10. :D People LIke it!
  11. afk stands for away from keeboard or away from computer
  12. and i like the idea
  13. it said what would it achieve, not what does that mean. Keyboard. Not Keeboard.
  14. I like it...Surpport

    sorry its' a bit late but... I don't see a rude to bump red letters thing! :p
  15. I think it is a good idea. I love how it works on other servers. Maybe it could say something in chat like mba2012 is now afk. ? Or it could say brb without you having to say it? xD
  16. This is neat. Supported by pen.
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  17. I think this was suggested once or so before and was denied stating that there was no use since the servers auto kick when you afk. Maybe since they don't fill as much now it could be put in?
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  18. I approve.
    I have when I have messages I miss because I'm AFK.
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  20. Im all for it :D