/AFK Voting Poll!

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Is my /AFK suggestion a good idea?

Poll closed Dec 24, 2012.
Yes 38 vote(s) 80.9%
No 9 vote(s) 19.1%
  1. First comment!
  2. Heh, second comment...............
  3. i wonder why the servers dont have it already
  4. Just because this thread says more people want it than don't doesn't mean it will be implemented.
  5. I voted no, and I'll explain why:
    There is literally no point at all.

    Unless I read your OP incorrectly, all /afk would do is post a message in chat saying that you're AFK... this is something you can very easily do yourself already. As someone who goes AFK a lot, I can simply say that I'm going AFK for a bit, then go AFK. It doesn't take a command, and it works as well as I need it to.

    Also, Aikar has a lot of things he's working on. Probably too many things, he should wait until he finishes something before he thinks of something else to do.
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  6. Haha ya... they probably have more imporant things to do than adding /afk
  7. Off topic, crazy, do you like the color orange?
    This makes sense, I wish I thought about my answer a little more than I did before voting...
  8. Regarding what it does, I think if it should have any value at all, it should at least have this feature (or something similar):

    It wouldn't take much effort to just add this suggestion to the "todo" list if it turns out the community wants it (and you guys want to do what the community wants you to do). I don't think anyone's saying "this has to be done RIGHT NOW! (or else!)" :p
  9. There are also other plugins that have /afk, it has options, like you cant be pushed, you cant pick up items, etc. but no so-and-so is afk. messages will be sent afterwards.
  10. While that's all well and good, many /tells lose relevance after a certain amount of time has passed. If you realize that your friend is AFK, you can just /tell him when he gets back... otherwise it isn't that important or it's incredibly urgent. In both instances, the amount of strain (probably not a lot) it would put on the server just to remember who's AFK and what messages they have stored wouldn't be worth it... probably.
    Entities can't push each other anymore, so that's okay. Also, having an inventory full of dirt being dropped on you is really worst case scenario, and it doesn't happen that often.
  11. you make some good points there.
  12. No thanks, I don't want to see

    Bob82821 has gone AFK
    Robert2922: Selling diamonds! 300 Rupees each
    Tim242 has gone AFK
    Bob82821 is no longer AFK
    Roger532: Those diamonds are way over priced
    Amy644 has gone AFK
    Tim242 is no longer AFK
    Robert2922: No they're not it cheaper then /shop
    Amy644 is no longer AFK

    Unnecessary spam.
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  13. it wont show in chat, you would have to PM them ? maybe....
  14. * you could see in the player list (tab key usually) who is afk and you would get a notice on /tell, so that you don't have to wait long when there is no response
    * the afk message could contain some text, like /afk I'll be back around 16.00 UTC or /afk lunch time
    * it could change how the chat works for the afk player (discard local and town, keep private messages)
  15. I think you don't have for tell everyone, that you're going to be AFK . Only go and it's fine. All the <---------- AFK are too much.

    Edit: you can also simply log out.
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  16. What If you come online after they say it, you won't know?