[Suggestion] Add "virtual" compass spawn points in frontier nether

Discussion in 'The Suggestion Box' started by wafflecoffee, Apr 6, 2021.

  1. Adding new frontier nether directional outposts is not really possible at this time due to existing player builds.

    However, there are still portals in the frontier nether that lead to overworld frontier outposts (list below).

    Whereas these exist, doing /compass show and /compass spawn near one of these still sets the compass target to 0,64,0 as that is the closest frontier nether "outpost"; there is no official outpost in the frontier nether except at the world origin. This means that it still directs players near a nw/ne/sw/se outpost to 0,0, which is over 176 thousand blocks away, when there is a portal to a protected area at 125000,125000.

    My suggestion: add a "virtual" outpost to the below locations, so that /compass spawn will still point towards these protected outpost portals. Without these, it appears to the player that they must walk over 176 thousand blocks to a spawn, if they don't remember where they came from, which is not the impression that should be given. With a virtual outpost, they will be led to the best place.

    As for how this could be implemented: it may not even need any code on its own. Maybe just a 1x1x1 block residence above the nether roof (with tp flag off), with whatever staffy thing needed to mark it as a spawn.

    N: 0, -1250
    S: 0, 1250
    E: 1250, 0
    W: -1250, 0
    NW: -125000, -125000
    NE: 125000, -125000
    SW: -125000, 125000
    SE: 125000, 125000
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  2. Ah, good! I didn't even know that these protected portals existed.
  3. I would rather there be proper corresponding nether outposts established that have a hard link between them.
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  4. I agree, but practically, it's not quite feasible, with the number of builds that already exist in these places. I suppose that, as staff, you could kick these people out; however, that just doesn't really seem practical, and a number of people would be unhappy.
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  5. Meh. It could be a 4x4 area. Doesn't need to have a huge build around it
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