[Suggestion] Add a command to shorten EMC url's

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  1. Hi gang!

    May I start by saying how much I love this place? Sorry, had to rant, but had some awesome times mining in the waste these last 2 days. And locking chests in the waste rocks! :)

    The situation

    If you post an URL from the EMC forums then it gets shortened. For example, while trying to "spam" this thread (I really enjoy the music & videos in there):


    I ended up saying this in Town chat:


    The problem

    Even though that URL gets shortened it will still take up a lot of space because you have to paste the original URL in first. Only after you share it in the chat will it get shortened.

    My suggestion

    Would it be possible to add a command (/shorturl ?) which can take a link as parameter and then give you the short URL variant?

    A mere regexp to grab the last numbers should already do it I think. After all; you basically only need the numbers then add those to this static URL: http://emc.gs/t/

    This would allow everyone (not only players who recognize the applied trick) to use the short URL form directly in their chat messages, and that could save up space.

    Current way to do it

    Even though not supported you can already do this with a little trick. Just use: /c l (change to local chat) and then paste your original URL in. Even if you're alone and get an error message you'll still see the shortened URL. Click on it to copy and you're ready to use. Edit: of course, use /c t to switch back to town chat after you're done.

    Of course this could be an issue if there are people close by :)
  2. Good idea! :D I actually kind of expect there is already a way, but we don't know about it yet :p

    What I do: t.emc.gs/63041, in which 63041 are the numbers of the thread. :) (Thanks Jack for teaching me this! :D)

    EDIT: so, t.emc.gs/ + 5 numbers of thread.
  3. *whispers*
    I normally use tinyurrrrrl
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  4. Why not put the shortened link above the thread itself. Then this will also be useful on the forums
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  5. I do like that idea! There's one problem though, and that is that iirc it's not that easy to add weird things like that to the website, because it's not built by Aikar/other cool people, but by Xenforo, which means changing things is, sadly, more difficult.
  6. I tend to use this, it's quick and easy :) Q knows where it's at :p
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  7. Aikar can do anything he wants to do with it :p
    But seriously, I think it is doable.
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