[Youtube] From controversial to My Little Pony on Minecraft ;)

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Did you know these video's already?

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  1. Hi gang!

    One of the things I like most about Minecraft is how extensive it is. And I'm not merely talking about the game itself which I like playing so much, but most of all the immense amount of creativity people put into it! From some of the most amazing builds I've ever seen (even on our own Empire!!) right down to people making weird redstone or commandblock contraptions and more: video's!

    And I just love what happened in these 3 video's because they're all related ;) So when watching them again yesterday I figured that I should share 'm as a collection with you guys.

    From (a little) controversy to My Little Pony

    So to start off with we have a video clip from Kate Perry "Last Friday Night". I hid it in a spoiler because it briefly hints at some more mature thingies. Nothing over the top (otherwise I wouldn't have shared it in the first place) but....

    Click here if the video doesn't play.

    It's a song about a teenage geek girl (glasses, braces, the works) who wakes up in bed with a pounding headache, a strange boy next to her, and she slowly starts to recall what happened last (Friday) night. I think it's pretty funny but don't watch it if you don't like the idea of youngsters dancing and drinking, wearing skimpy outfits (nothing over the top) and doing some crazy things which hint at more mature stuff. This goes double for the outtro.

    Enter the Minecraft...

    This inspired an obviously talented Minecraft fan (it was directed by BebobVox) and what was once a (slightly) controversial video got turned into a Minecraft parody. I think it's brilliant: Don't mine at night!

    Click here if the video doesn't play.

    And as if that wasn't enough... The Minecraft video inspired yet another Minecraft fan (Jan Animation Studio's) who also happened to like My Little Pony. So they took the Minecraft parody and replaced the character(s) with Ponies :eek:

    That one can be seen here:

    Click here if the video doesn't play.

    Those pony skeletons look scary eh? ;) I love the attention for details, and I actually laughed during the first creeper encounter :D

    So there you have it: from slight controverse to my little minecraft :cool:
  2. Hmm there is something in my lines of FNAF Minecraft youtube songs as well. I'll add a couple since why not.

    Of course it isn't related but same consent of the My Little Pony
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  3. lol, thx 4 getting that song stuck in my head now shelly, grrrr :mad:
  4. time for a small bump. I was searching for that Kate Perry video, finally found this thread, and well. I don't bump that often so one bump should be allowed I hope :)

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