[SUGGESTION] Action Signs to Show Vault

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  1. What I am thinking is that one can use an action sign to show other players their vault, like [PREVIEW] signs. This allows a player to show off lots of rare items without the risk of a direlict deletion. I think the sign should be in this format.

    vault # or name

    What do you think?
  2. Not sure if its possible, but I likey
  3. It's totally possible.
  4. I would FINALLY have a use for vault vouchers :)
  5. How would this change anything with using vault vouchers?

    but yeah we could do this.
  6. because i could organize my promos by holiday and not be worried about losing them and people can still see them :)
    ty tomvan
  7. Add this: and so people can still see them
  8. Good idea :D
    +1 (didn't mean to put -1 in the poll)
  9. Nice idea
  10. Nice idea, but think about this:

    What would happen if a player with a +admin flag would place such a sign. Would it show the vault of that player or the vault of the res owner?
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  11. You should put on a sign


    I think that would make sense. And only the player would be able to make their own sign. If that makes sense.

    Edit*: I looked back to vote and I voted for the wrong one sorry
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  12. Great ideas to add on! Thanks for such good feedback, too!
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  13. +1 I accidentally voted -1 in the poll because it's backwards from the way I'm used to.
  14. I like that idea well. I was searching the forums to see if the suggestion I wanted to make was posted. I did not come across it so I'm sorry if I missed it. This was so close to what I want to see added that I decided to simply comment on this thread. I hope that's the proper procedure. My suggestion is this, add turn page tabs to the vault(s) like a book. It is very tiresome opening each page separately. Unless I am missing some simple trick.

    Thanks for reading!

    Happy Mining,
  15. Wait, Wouldn't they be able to take things out? (Sorry if its out of the blue, I'm confused on this question :p)
  16. I'm likin' the idea, perhaps also a permission system where only certain players are able to use that sign, similar to the horse rider system like "/vault page [add/remove] [playername]" or "/vault access [+playername] [-Othername]" so that the sign you place can't be used to take from or give to, for all players. Not just for preview.
  17. Its not a bad idea but I think staff have more important things to deal with. Like fire breathing reptile graves :)
  18. True. Very true!!
  19. Cant you just put the items in a dc then put a preview sign on that.