[SUGGESTION] Ability to Edit the title of your post

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by ENWehr, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. As you can see in my last post i misspelled "time clock". You are unable to edit the title of your posts and this becomes annoying when you left something out or made a stupid typo.
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  2. Just ask a mod to edit it for you. Easy as that.
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  3. I'm still suggesting it for this reason: It saves Mods work.
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  4. Epic idea! I have once typed the wrong auction :/
  5. If I make a typo, I'd just report the post and ask for it to be changed. I don't think the mods really mind :)
  6. I'm still suggesting it for this reason: It saves Mods work.
  7. No. That is a moderator/senior staff/ Admin power only and will stay like that. Have you ever seen a forum that allows you to do that? No, you haven't.
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  8. Given the fact that the person who makes the post gets to name it, it really dosn't give the person an abusive power. For what reason are you suggesting that this is a bad idea? Please, if there is a situation that this is a bad idea, enlighten me.
  9. Although it would save mods work, I do believe they have it set that way for a reason. At least in my opinion, it is easier to know if you have seen/responded to a thread by the title name. I understand that you only want the option in order to correct spelling errors, but there would be a few people who might take advantage and change the title completely. Then when someone wanted to search for the post by name in the "archives", they wouldn't be able to locate it from the title that they remembered. This would be become quite frustrating.
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  10. i also want the ability to delete either an entire thread or post that you've made
  11. they can search the name of the person then when they posted it
  12. Now this definitely would cause problems. People would let an auction go for a while, then delete it and claim there was never an auction. This is why a mod simply locks a thread, not completely deleting it unless it is deemed inappropriate.
  13. You make a good point. However, whenever I wanted to refined a post I never used the Empire search system. I always went to the forum and scrolled down until i found the post, but that's just me. I usually scroll down until I see the post written by the person because the authors name is less to remember than the name of the post. Even if they did change the title it would still have the same meaning, or should at least. If anyone reads this and thinks they would change the whole name of their post with a completely different meaning, please drop a reply. Thanks.
  14. I don't know about you, but I do not remember everyone who posts every thread, however I do remember the titles. *scrolls up to check name of person who posted this* Yeah, definitely only the titles...
  15. That is a very good point. Then how about making the title edit only available for non auction threads.
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  16. That would be a better idea just like post editing is disabled on the auction forums as well. I'll wait for a mod to come along and say any reason the title editing might be bad. There might be known incidents in the past that caused them to take away the option in the beginning....
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  17. You named it, you check the title of your post before you submit it. Simple as that.
  18. okay, then the ability to edit and/or delete all non-auction posts
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  19. Mistakes still happen.
    I'm still suggesting it for this reason: It saves Mods work.