[SUGGESTION] Ability to buy plots

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  1. I was thinking that you should be able to buy plots in EMC (depending on how many plots are available).
    If you have 4 plots already you can't buy anymore plots. The prices should vary depending on your supporter rank. But if you don't have a supporter rank the price should be about 5 mil rupees or somewhere around that.
  2. 5 million means only about 2 or 3 people can buy it lol
  3. probably closer to like 30-40 people
  4. oh yea i forgot inflation

  5. Can't you have 6 plots if you buy the vouchers ?
  6. only if you saved your vouchers from like last october ;p
  7. 5 million is a TON!
  8. You could always buy more Minecraft accts.
  9. Soon, you will be able to get 2 Max Res Vouchers through voting. Well, that was the plan.
  10. 5 mill isn't that bad
  11. I think it would be better just to buy max residence upgrade vouchers (with either dollars or rupees) as a diamond supporter. That's what I did, but now it seems the prices for the vouchers have gone up. I bought my first max residence upgrade voucher for 300k and my second one for 400k.
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  13. its funny, you can buy a res upgrade voucher for 100$, to get 1 mroe res, or for cheaper you can buy an all new account, and buy diamond for 55$ and get 4 reses lol. Very strong logic. I never understood it
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  14. I never really got why they raised the price so heavily. Only reason I can think of is to support the server even more.
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  15. the vouchers go for about a mill and you can get 6 res's then
  16. Wow. A player sure Ripped me off on my perm derelict prot voucher XD
  17. Sold mine for 450k to a moderator XD
  18. At what vote streak will you get this awesomeness?
  19. It's planned to be at 100 and 200. Well, that was the most recent announcement. Nothing I say is confirmed though.
  20. From what I heard 100 and 200 streak