[Suggestion] 600th Day Voters Item Special!

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by finch_rocks_1, Jul 17, 2016.

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I had an Idea for a new voters item. This would be a Chest GUI that pops up for your 600th vote bonus where you can choose any tool that is Iron or Diamond and this tool would have no enchants just soul bound with the name "600th Day Voters (Tool Item)". And every 50 bounus you would be able to add an enchant of your wish onto it, but it would only be the Value of one enchant.. For example Unbreaking I, and the next 50 Bonus, you can make it Unbreaking II or add another enchant.

    This way you can build one tool of your wishing, and it would be fully custom voters tool. This would also allow you to be able to have to keep voting to add onto the tool.

    Just a Fresh Idea, so kinda Rough...

    Any Thoughts? Feel free to comment....

  2. +1

    This is an interesting idea. I'd like to see something like this added.
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  3. +1 Finch! But.. What if you have already passed the 600th Mark?
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  4. I say that if you pass that mark, you get the chest gui your next vote and you get the 50th "key" you'd have gotten for each 50 after 600.

    I do like this idea, +1.
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  5. awesome, i miss getting special stuff from voting :p
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  6. +1

    I like your idea. This is the kind of thing that would encourage players to vote past vote bonus 300... the best thing about the idea is that the server will grow even more due to an increased amount of voting. :)

    and I would also like an unbreakable pickaxe with silk touch on it (is it unbreakable? You didn't mention it). :p
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  7. It has soulbound only to make it not super OP while still being able to repair it with something like mending.
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  8. What if we made it "unbreakable" by having the tool no longer function once it hits 0 durability. You'd then have to repair it yourself.

    +1 to the suggestion though.
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  9. Great idea, i would love to see this happen

    *looks at voting streak*
    K nvm
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  10. I have to be on this server for two years even after I am unbanned. The struggles are real.

    I am sure that people that are there would love this bonus to be able to create custom items. So yes, I like this idea.
  11. +1

    I'd like your thinking. There is (or was, who knows) only one problem... I once made a similar suggestion: to get hold of a voters tool which would have a bit higher enchantments and to compensate for that it wouldn't be Unbreakable anymore. That suggestion got rejected because one of the ideas behind voter items is that they won't wear out.

    So if that still applies then I think this may cause an issue: because as soon as Unbreakable gets added I'd guess you'd end up with the same required limitations as regular voting items.

    Even though I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I hope it could still work out. For example: Efficiency I, Fortune III (current voters pick). vs. Efficiency I (or none at all) and Silk Touch. That would be slick :)
  12. +1
    not to op since will take forever to get
    plus forever to enchant
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