[Suggestion] 24 hours of non supporter global chat for new players

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  1. Hey EMC, today I noticed a new player log into EMC and go straight to the frontier, myself and one other tried to talk to said player, but they were in the frontier, and after the other player made that realisation, they pm'd the new guy, but he ran off. So what i'm suggesting is, maybe make it so that for 24 hours after players join EMC, they can have global chat without supporter. This would make it easier for people to welcome them and give them advice, also to encourage them to stay on EMC. I know there are more pressing matters, and I honestly don't know how much computer resources this would take, but I can't imagine it would take too many and I don't think it would be hard to implement. Basically just give them supporter but remove everything but global chat, (also they wouldn't be allowed to use supporter channel) automatically for 24 hours after they complete the tutorial.
  2. +1
    I always see new players immediately go to the frontier and then disconnect.
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  3. I'm not certain how difficult it would be to set up a temporary "group" for 24 hours, but I like the idea a lot. +2
  4. +2 from me :p

    Ok, more seriously: I think this is a very good suggestion. Because let's face it: there are issues right now. The tutorial does warn players that going into town might be the best choice, but that doesn't always happen. A new player who ventures out into the Frontier will be met with a very empty and quiet server: no one talks and they can't even talk themselves (provided no one is within local chat range, which I think is very likely).

    This could definitely help to fix the wrong impressions which new players might get about the Empire.
  5. Essentially, this would be like having a limited trial of iron supporter for 24 hours since that is one of irons biggest perks. Whether they are explicitely told that they have a supporter perk for 24 hours or not, it will almost certainly lead to a similar feeling after the 24 hours expire and they lose that ability. With that said, I like the idea because it could help get more money for the server while helping new players.

    Although I have no idea how EMC handles ranks internally, a "new player" rank could be added similar to how supporter ranks are stored which would allow the player to chat in the wild. This would also make it easy to add other special features for new players if necessary.
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  6. +1 :D This would be helpful! But wouldnt they get confused after 24 hours like, 'Hey why cant I talk in town chat' But.. They would be speaking to another person..
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  7. Put something in the tutorial or in the chat about it :)
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  8. I doubt it. Most players would probably not even realize that this system exists and would continue to warn others that "you cannot chat outside town", every player knows this by heart right now.

    Even if this would come to play then at the very least the player involved would already know how to get out of the survival world back into town :)

    I did think of one caveat with this suggestion though... If this were to be put into place then we'd really need to know if someone went into the Frontier or town. I think the welcome message already shows as much but I'm not 100% sure from mind.
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  9. This does sound like a very good idea.
    It'd solve a lot of the problems that seem to put people off in their first moments on the Empire.
    Of course people might get confused when they suddenly lose the ability (it could easily happen while they're using it), but I think with an added notification when it runs out and older members still reminding people they can't usually chat in the Frontier, I think that shouldn't be too big of a problem.
    In any case, I think it'd cause less frustration than it currently does.
  10. yea i rlly like that idea!! it shud help out the new ppl when they join so that they r not getting confused and they know where 2 chat 2 get help from other ppl

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  11. +1 This is an amazing idea.
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  12. +1

    One of my earliest memories on EMC is getting lost in the wilderness with no global chat and not even knowing that /tell was a thing.
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  13. +geckos from me
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  14. I'm going to be very honest, I've seen hundreds of people quit after finishing the tutorial and entering the Frontier. When they realize that no one can hear them, they quit and never come back. If there was a 24 hour grace period, it would probably reduce the amount of people quitting because they'd be able to actually ask for help after joining.

    Now... letting them know that they've been given a 24 hour grace period after joining would also help to give them time to prepare for the normal chat. Here's an example: