[SUGGESTION] 1v1 pvp arenas

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  1. i recently had someone steal my head in a pvp arena me and a friend was trying to trade heads and someone felt the need to jump in and steal my head so to solve this problem I figured I would suggest 1v1 pvp arenas since im not a fan of someone that don't earn a head getting one :)
  2. *I second that* :)
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  3. I would advise just going into another arena without letting anyone seeing you. :p Advice: You can prevent people from seeing which one you walk up to by doing /v pvp@[arena color][1-6]. :)
  4. I honestly would just like the to be secure when in pvp no chance of someone sniping :p
  5. I agree some new modes should be added. 1v1, 2v2, 3x3, and 4x4... Maybe the 2v2 and so forth on, needs to be in groups.. and the pvp checks for group balancing.
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  6. Whenever someone has 1v1'd me and someone else has joined, I haven't had a problem just asking them nicely to wait a few moments. Did you try that?
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  7. I love this Idea. I would love to see tournament Style 1 on 1, 2 on 2, ect pvp events held weekly. That would be a great time:D
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  8. we asked them politely to not interfere and when we got in "no armor on" they rushed in and killed. so I feel 1v1 and so on would be great so it wouldn't be possible and plus I feel a lot more people would get into pvp if this happens :D
  9. dont they already have that wait 1v1 k hmm well put a model in one of your res's and show a mod/s but stilli think its a great idea :D
  10. Come at me, scrub lord! I'm ripped!
  11. I can vouch for XxfailmuchxX.

    Keldeo178 and I were going to PvP sometime last week but this always happened
    and someone had the nerve to say "You didn't say you were 1-vs-1-ing"
    then when we finally DID say we were and for no one to bother us
    they still went ahead and did it anyway.


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  12. As a Sixer I see this quite often. I rarely pvp but I do hear the number of times people are asked to leave or follow the conventions of a fight.

    For example, a few of us were fish fighting in pvp fair. That's right, you must use a fish (and must be a named fish) and wear no armor. It would be great in this case to be able to kick the offenders but without having written rules it becomes a grey area. A better way would be to invite ppl to the fight.

    Not sure how it can be implemented, maybe physical tokens that allow access to an arena? The fight organizer clicks on a special buy chest for the arena of his choice (Aikar, money to be had here). The chest provides the buyer with an organizer wand. When the wand is used, 2 stacks of tokens (16 in each stack?) are provided and the arena will be locked when it next becomes empty (otherwise it would be kicking ppl out). Only those people with a token can enter and once the fight is done the buyer sells his organizer wand back to the chest (for half the cash back) unlocking it for another user.

    The wand and tokens disappear after 30 minutes if not returned in any case (but no cash back). A countdown warning would be sent to the organizer to return the wand before the time is up.

    If something like this were to be used, the tokens could be set for last person standing. On death, the tokens are removed so the player cannot rejoin the fight. This could be done by having a set of choices as to which type of tokens are taken when the wand is used).

    I know, this is a lot of work. Probably not before we see a games server. But this is a suggestion thread.
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  13. +100
    I was trying to kill Mr. Eviltoade for his head for an event when someone jumped in and killed me, luckily eviltoade managed to survive the assault :D
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  14. I've tried that! but usally they decide that they are funny and stay in just to annoy me and the person im trying to pvp, so failmuch i agree with you're idea!
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  15. this is a great idea i am sick of people joining and killing me when i am trying to do something with my friend
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  16. I support this idea. However, another cool idea would be to add in a massive Battlefield-type map that can hold up to 100 v 100 matches.
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  17. Great idea. Some people just can't respect your wishes. I have no interest in PVP, but its a great place to trade heads. And an area to do this would be great.
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