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  1. We want the Official Empire Guides section to contain everything you'd ever need to know about EMC, and because of this, we need to ask you, the community... well... what you need to know.

    So, if you've got an idea for a guide that you think should be added, post it here! If you're one of those epic people who like to make guides (and help others by doing so), simply say that you'd like to create the guide, write it then PM it to AlexChance and myself, where we'll format it for the section, and post it for you.
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  3. How to properly create an auction

    I see people place the starting bid at say 100 and minimal increase of 100 then someone bids 100 and the host says no you have to bid 200 it is up top!
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  4. ICC's post on Auction Guidelines has it covered.
    (If only people would read it :mad:)
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  5. How to do special things on the forums, such as spoilers.
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  6. How to be successful in empire minecraft, WITHOUT BEGGING. legit.
  7. We have plenty of guides on this :)
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  8. seems good! *looks at one*
  9. all commands players can use
    things like /entcount /p /thatonethattellsyourserverspeed /theamountofthingsthathavediedrecentlyinarea

    i dont even know how to do most of these properly lol if there was just a comprehensive command thread or more commands were added to guide it would help immensely
  10. EMC: The in's and out's to living the good life
  11. There's various guides about rupees and not much about "being successful non-financially" can really be wriiten down. Feel free to PM us with suggestions though. :)
  12. Maybe one showing how to make an auction, and which items you can auction :)?
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  14. A Guide on how to survive the wild.
    A Guide on how to make lots of money.
    A Guide on how to make shops (I don't mean the sign configuration, but things like What would I sell? What is a good price range? Should I collect my own materials, or buy them from other shops?)
  15. We already have those in the Market Discussion and Official Guides forums :)
    I might make a guide on managing a shop successfully, thanks. :)
  16. Please remind me how to go to a Specific Frontier Wilderness Outpost, because /wild now takes me to random outposts and if I want the North outpost, it is a pain.
  17. When doing /wild it will randomly teleport you as you mentioned, you can then go through the portal back to the normal wild spawn. :)
  18. Do a guide on EMC mob spawning with pics and similar :)
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