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  1. Before I start this, I'm on a Windows PC, so if you use anything else, I'm sorry, I don't have experience with those.

    So as everyone knows EMC has a mumble channel : aikar.co

    But it seems some people are confused on how to do certain things there or are confused entirely.

    First, Go here to download Mumble Client. http://mumble.sourceforge.net/ and install the client to your machine.

    Second, PLEASE go through the Audio Setup Wizard to set up your microphone levels and set your mic to Push-To-Talk.
    **If you forget this and then get into the server and need to switch to Push-To-Talk, press Configure, Settings, and then on the first tab under Audio Input change Transmit to Push-To-Talk.
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    Next you should see the Server list. You'll want to choose Add New then put in the address, port is default and then your name.
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    **To change your name, When starting mumble, right click on the name of the server and select "Edit Settings".
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    This is basically what you need to know.
    Remember, ALL EMC RULES APPLY. Don't make your name inappropriate, don't spam/use profanity, don't be rude etc.

    EDIT: I should also add that you can right click people in the list and choose LOCAL MUTE if they annoy you/spam/refuse to change to push to talk and you can hear everything they are doing/key up their mic when others do to make them echo etc.

    If anyone else has anything to add please post.
  2. Just one more thing to add;

    To change the shortcut that you use for your push to talk, go to Settings -> Shortcuts and you can edit it there.

  3. Step one:
    Once mumble is open and in the EMC server click the button in your far right.
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    Step two: set it to push to talk
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    Step three: Now click on the shortcuts option
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    Step four: Click ad Best Minecraft Servers
    Step five: now make it so that the properties are like soBest Minecraft Servers
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  4. whats the aikar.co password ?
  5. Awesome :D.

    There's usually not one, I just have that there still from the EMCon livestream.
  6. It's not password protected :D

    But it means some dang people can go there and play loud music

    Also the password to the mumble during for EMCon 2013 was revealed during the Staff Olympics in the mumble server.
  7. I have made a mac one :)
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  8. Very nice guide Panda! Many people have problems with Mumble. This should help them! :)
  9. Yay, I finally figured out how to use mumble :D
  10. same here. :D
  11. OH I should also add that you can right click people in the list and choose LOCAL MUTE if they annoy you/spam/refuse to change to push to talk and you can hear everything they are doing/key up their mic when others do to make them echo etc.
  12. That's not really a biggie, it didn't need password protection during the staff olympics :) It was needed for EMCon though
  13. I said the password for EMCon was revealed during the staff olympics.
  14. So, I have tried setting up to connect, but it keeps telling me either "Connection Timed Out" or "Remote Host Closed the Connection".

    So, what do I do? :( I can't find any help with this issue online with mumble.
  15. Connection timed out means there is a problem connecting to the server ... it could be down temporarily....
    Remote Host Closed the connection means the host or an admin (Aikar, Maxarias) hit restart ... or the mumble server they are running temporarily rebooted.

    Neither of those are on your side (unless with the connection timed out your internet went out or went way slow) ... So no need to worry :)
  16. I am only getting remote host closed the connection today. My internet and computer are both really fast, I usually don't doubt them (but I know things happen haha)

    But I also see that there are about 10 users on the server through mumble....so how are they using and not me? I wanna be a user! lol

    :( Any other suggestions?
  17. I had problems with it when I used it in backwards compatibility mode, so make sure you're not doing that. If you're not, try using it, there's always a change it'll fix it for you. :)
  18. This sounds cool! I thought you had to pay for mumble. What do I have to do when I'm in the EMC server?
  19. Find the channel that has people in, join it, and talk! :)
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  20. I'm not sure if that is the problem or not. I have tried just about everything I know how to do to and so has my husband (a computer science graduate.... so.... if he can't figure it out... who can??)

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting the computer, even disconnecting from the internet haha. I have messed with a lot of configuration settings to see if anything would make a difference, and it hasn't.

    Would someone please please help me?

    It is still aikar.co, right? :( :(