Suggesion: Let fireworks be used up when fired from a dispenser

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by ShelLuser, Oct 11, 2016.

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  1. Hi gang!

    The title says it all. Too many residences have firework dispensers going using a redstone clock. More than often driving the people around them crazy because they constantly get bombarded with firework noises. Trust me: this can be a major pain sometimes. At one time I even unclaimed & "reclaimed" a residence because a neighbor had this set up and he didn't respond to anything.

    Eventually it got resolved and afterwards I heard of a few other neighbors who were quite happy about it.

    As such my suggestion: I think fireworks are better used up in a dispenser but not when fired manually. This could potentially solve a lot of noise issues.
  2. -1, firstly if someone has an 24/7 redstone clock on something, i think is against the rules. Not consuming fireworks is a really good EMC feature that I really like and I think it should not be changed. I think there are sound setting for firework noises that can be turned off.
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  3. I somewhat agree with this. I feel redstone clocks with fireworks are a real issue that needs to be solved, but them being used up when in dispensers isn't the right way to go about doing it. Many residences that fire fireworks when you spawn there would be harmed, as they would be used up. This would especially be an issue if they had a promo firework (these could be an exception?) in them.

    Maybe there could be another way.
  4. Say it ain't so Shell!!! Say it ain't so........ ( Insert Crying Emoji )
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  5. Agree infinite fireworks is a little much. Single fire is maybe too little. Meet in the middle and have charges?

    This is my understanding as well. Moderators can disable the device if it's just a nuisance. (This is in regards to a device left running while the owner is offline, like a piston wall.)
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  6. -1 Fireworks not being used up is one of the features I like here. Staff can get involved if a player is using a firework dispenser just to be annoying.

    EDIT: If you are going to make the dispensers use them you'll need to make them used up on player right click as well. Otherwise people can just stand outsode your res and fire the firework off repeatedly.
  7. Yes but if someone is standing outside, you can just report them and have a mod quickly take care of it. Having a mod turn off a clock takes a lot more time than punishing a disruptive person.
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  8. It is the same concept though. If a player has a firework dispenser on their residence, just report them and a mod can get it turned off. If the player is online, it will be dealt with quickly. If not, it wouldn't take too long to get someone who can turn it off online.
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  9. Lag machines are bannable. If someone has a dispenser with fireworks that spams them, thrn the abuser will get a ban
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  10. I wouldn't be in favor of this suggestion, but fireworks on timers bother me, too. I hear fireworks going off every morning in-game at my residence. tuqueque ;)
  11. -1 what about if people have noteblock machines on their res? should that have uses too? if something is annoying do this:
    /report (name) SS+ need to turn off a lag machine/fireworks repeater/etc
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  12. Don't forget to include a res number!

    But what Bitemenow and a few others have said already is true. The best way to handle constant redstone clock fireworks is to report them for the staff to turn off, especially if causing massive lag spikes. If noise pollution is your only issue, you can also edit your sound settings.

    Our change for the fireworks to NOT be used up is a change we made to benefit our community and promote the fun that comes with fireworks. We don't see a reason to change this very fun aspect of EMC when a few simple actions can fix the problem.

    Our preferred report format:
    /report (name) Fireworks repeater/Major redstone lag/etc at 1234 on smp1
    If the player is online that you are reporting, consider simply asking them to turn the fireworks off NICELY. Many players will do just that if you request it. Let me repeat though, NICELY ask them.

    Suggestion denied. Thread locked.
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